Desert Hearts Brought the Love to Las Vegas

Where you always feel like family…

Desert Hearts took over the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center last Saturday, with promises of 12 hours of house, techno, and love. And, THEY BROUGHT IT! The crew played from noon to midnight, closing out with their signature performance as a collective on stage- an epic b2b that keeps you going hard until the very last moment. I didn’t have a chance to make it to the res this year, but I was able to get more than my fix at this unique decompression party.

It was a wild party, but a party that fulfills the soul and leaves you in love with the world that surrounds you. A DH showcase is unlike any other event. The tunes are sweeter, the people are funkier, and it’s basically bound to be one of those “best night of my life” stories. And let me tell you a couple reasons why…


If you don’t know, now you know.

House and Techno are THE MOVE! The energy is always high and the mood is always right. Each artist of Desert Hearts brings their own unique groove to the party, and seeing these masterminds spin live is the uttermost best way to experience it. From Marbs’ deep techno beats to hyphie Mikey Lion’s addicting sound, there really is something for any house music lover to enjoy. And since their events are usually an all-day endeavor, you are truly able to explore the different mediums and find your true LOVE.

And since the tunes are fire, you dance in euphoria all night long.


Feelin’ good and feelin’ fly, these events are famous for the colorful humans that they attract. Seriously, even though it was just a single day festival- PEOPLE GO ALL OUT! And the best part- the Glitter Spies hosted their signature dance floor fashion show on this sunny Saturday.

-A fashion show where if you’re feeling it, YOU ARE THE STAR…-




 ♥ ♥ ♥





Festivals teach us as humans to be authentically US, and Sin City Hearts was a prime example of this. The crowd felt like one big happy family and strangers quickly turned to great friends. Hugs all around, smiles, and the unification of the colorful crowd through dance made the night one to never forget.

I left the venue that night feeling like anything is possible and that love is the answer, as did many others in attendance.

“We are all Desert Hearts”

View the full album from Sin City Hearts HERE!

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