Which Weekend for Electric Forest?

photos by Don Idio

This year, I made a little festival goal for myself: Focus on quality not quantity. Last year, I hit almost twice the number of festivals than I have in previous years. For 2018, I’ve decided to skip some of the ones that didn’t have a huge impact on me and finally check off one of the top festivals on my wish list.

This summer, I am unbelievably excited to make the trip up to Michigan for Electric Forest. I don’t think I’ve ever even been to the state, let alone gone to a festival there. I love how many new places festivals have taken me already, and I am very much looking forward to adding to that list. Electric Forest is one that I hear EVERYONE talk about at every festival, and I feel like a very subpar wook for never going. Hell, I even had to do a 20 minute powerpoint presentation on the festival for a class last semester. The way people’s faces light up when they talk about it and the crazy stories they share have made me put my foot down and insist that I make 2018 my year for the Sherwood Forest. 

So once I made that decision, I had a tough one to make…

Weekend One or Weekend Two???

After spending way too long trying to analyze and compare the lineups for each weekend, I realized that weekend one is right after Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. There’s no sense in traveling up north and coming back down to Florida only to head back up north the very next weekend. I might as well just make one big road trip out of it right? And as much as it pains me to be missing Get Real, I could never skip Lil Dicky anyways.

Other than Lil Dicky, here are just a few artists that made weekend one stand out the most to me (and maybe it will convince you too).

Betty Who

I have yet to see this artist live, and after realizing (way too late in the night) that she was playing at the venue down the street for me, I was so upset. I’m excited to see her at Forest to make up for that trauma.


I discovered CamelPhat after shufflers, Elena Cruz and Vanessa Seco, posted one of my favorite dances they’ve ever done to ‘Cola’. I think I’ve listened to that song a few thousand times since seeing that video. I’m ready to get down at EF.


His set at Ultra this year had me raving in bed while watching the livestream.

Get Real

Just because I don’t want any of you guys hitting the second weekend to feel left out, just remember that you guys have this…

So hopefully that helped make someone’s decision a little bit easier. If not, and you’re still on the fence about which weekend to hit…

Grab your tickets here and we will see you in Rothbury, Michigan June 21st-24th and June 28th-July 1st.

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