Shambhala: A Deeper Look into Your 2018 Lineup

Photos by Don Idio

“Shambhala Music Festival Announces 2018 Headliner Lineup With Claude VonStroke, Feed Me, Destructo, Mr. Carmack, REZZ, Justin Martin, Malaa, Gramatik, Snails And More…”

After celebrating a historic two decades last year, Shambhala Music Festival is excited to return to the pristine Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada on August 10-13, 2018 for the 21st annual edition. Taking place on a breathtaking family-run farm, festivalgoers will have the chance to experience the best of what nature has to offer throughout four blissful days while witnessing hundreds of world-class artists across six unique stages that are individually curated and run by their own stage directors.

-April 2nd, 2018-


The hype is SO real. And when you’re finally getting over those initial goosebumps from thinking about returning to your home away from home, it’s time to get preparin’ for the magic that is just a few months away. Thankfully, we at Festival Squad have got you covered with some tunes to help you get the feel for your 2018 Shambhala lineup. Brace your Spotify & Soundcloud pages for the awesomeness to come…


Do You Even House Music?!

Claude VonStroke

Coined “Father” of the Dirtybird Record Label, Claude is your go-to guy for all things fun, house, and techno. Be sure to also check out his bass-filled side project under his real name, Barclay Crenshaw.




Justin Martin

Energy will be high with Justin Martin’s wide array of feel-good tunes. Heavily involved with the development of Dirtybird Records, he even appeared on its first four releases. Lots of booty-shakin’ and smiles, coming your way…



The mysterious, masked Malaa has been making moves in the electronic scene for some time now, especially with his renowned collaborations with Tchami such as “After Life” and appearances at Holy Ship and other festivals worldwide. We don’t know his identity, but what we do know is that his dark and mysterious, “ghetto house” sound is addictive and LIFE-CHANGING.

Let’s Take a Trip to Funky Town…



King of electro-funk and all around awesome guy, Gramatik has been making jaws drop since ’06. Dubstep and even rhythm and blues elements make up his unique sound that will leave you craving more.

“Good music is felt, not heard…” ‘Nuff said.


His sound is ever-changing, ranging from the likes of future funk to classic glitch hop- and just about everything in between. As both a performer and producer, he hopes to combine the best aspects of live and prerecorded music with his live productions. And from experience, live band or DJ set- HE KILLS IT!


The Funk Hunters

Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith are the centers of this incredible duo and boy, do they know how to throw a party! Their forward-thinking electronic music is influenced by old-school soul, funk, and hip-hop- and their set at Shambhala is bound to be one of the most high energy sets the weekend has to offer!


Sounds from Another Dimension…


The unique, dreamlike style of CharlestheFirst will put you in a psychedelic trance, no doubt. Raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, his style has been heavily inspired by nature and the soundtracks of adventure.






Best described as “a soundtrack for dance, performance, play, and ritual”, Drumspyder will bring you back to your roots with his organic, tribal folktronica sound. He draws inspiration from the old music of Europe, creating a melting pot of tribal rhythms, sensuality, and the sounds of ancient rituals.




Stephen Suchan will take any newcomer on an adventure in regional dance and folk music from around the world, through his treasures of remixes and sample-based works. He enters 2018 with 5 albums and a combined 2 million plays of his bass-heavy tunes.



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