Memphis in May: Beale Street Music Festival

Cover photo from Beale Street Music Festival Facebook

Memphis, Tennessee. One of the more known cities in the state, especially during the month of May. Word on the street is that Memphis in May is a savory time to be around the city. In May, Memphis holds events all month long to celebrate a number of areas, food, foreign culture, etc. For the sake of this discussion, a celebration of the arts. I’m talking about Beale Street Music Festival Cinco de Mayo weekend!

The lineup is a cool collection of genres ranging from rap, rock, indie, and electronic music. On first glance it’s also a nice collaboration across generations with music mostly from the 90’s, early 2000’s, and now. Daily lineups are out and each day surely has its own highlights.


So much rock. Many of the acts on Friday fall under the rock genre in some way. Notably Queens of the Stone AgeCake, and Third Eye Blind. In other music, Alanis Morissette will grace the crowd with her beautiful voice.

And lastly to mention for Friday, one weird and talented individual, Tyler the Creator. He has come a long way from biting cockroaches to photobombing a Twitter addict with little hands. Tyler the Creator is a unique rapper with his own style and definitely worth a listen at Beale Street.


It will be Cinco de Mayo! Of the few acts I have seen perform on Saturday’s lineup, everyone should be in for a treat. Shoutout to Ludacris for his song “Saturday”. The Dirty South fan favorite is one of many acts taking the stage day 2 of the festival. Jack White will be present, surely shredding the guitar as per usual. PSA: Jack White is NOT a fan of cell phones at his shows. One of my favorites for the weekend is Logic. His music is tight, his shows are dope, and he almost always has his own positive PSA’s for the crowd. His show is definitely not one to miss at a festival.


Great variety for the last day. Hopefully Sunday Funday will have some “Party Hard” moments to highlight the last day.

Two of Memphis’ finest rap talents Young Dolph and vet in the rap game, Juicy J, are both scheduled to perform the final day. After seeing her perform at The Meadows Music Festival last fall, I would gladly watch another performance by Erykah Badu. I enjoyed The Flaming Lips at Okeechobee so I would not mind seeing them again. And I cannot forget ODESZA. I’ll try and keep my expectations low, but every time I see them perform it’s absolutely breathtaking.

One day tickets are available, but where is the fun in missing out on the other two days? Cinco de Mayo is actually on a Saturday this year! With this lineup, Beale Street Music Festival has potential to be a great time!

See you in Memphis, Tennessee May 4th-6th. Get your tickets here!

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