Don’t Stress, Get Yourself Dressed

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In an ever-evolving festival fashion scene, finding a designer who manages to stand out and create vibrant pieces that are timeless and non-replicable is so refreshing. Pieces that can be worn alone, or dressed up with a million accessories? Yes, that. That is what I want. And Get Yourself Dressed delivers.

Hailing from Melbourne is Emma Baker, the mastermind who started the eclectic company Get Yourself Dressed in 2017. She is a devoted fashion designer who also works a full-time position (read: a woman-boss creating looks for other women (and men) bosses). Her line currently includes bodysuits, catsuits, fanny packs, and headdresses that are sure to be your very next festival ensemble staple. Emma credits much of her inspo to the disco-dancing Australian Peacock Spider, who, like any true festy, hates to blend in. Her designs are funky and her fabrics are breathable- what more could you want for those long festival days? 

I had the pleasure to wear one of the Get Yourself Dressed Take a Splash monokinis last weekend during the Day Club pool party events. It was a beautiful piece that provided just enough coverage so that I didn’t have to worry about any embarrassing slips, yet still felt oh so sexy. Win, I right? I will say that I experienced some slight sequin chafing on my thighs, but I think that is very hard to avoid when wearing a full get-up of sequins, not to mention dancing your heart out at an Odesza and Friends pool party for six hours straight. Nonetheless, the piece was sturdy, dried quickly after taking a dip in the pool, and made me shine bright like a diamond underneath the Palm Springs sunshine.

If you are looking for a piece to add to your wardrobe that nobody in your circle has yet (especially in the United States) check out Get Yourself Dressed. As many of us are aware, there is a constant cyclical “trend” in the festival fashion scene: a small designer will debut a stellar design that several bigger companies will immediately duplicate and take credit for. It’s cheap, and it’s obvious. However, because Emma’s fabrics and patterns are designed by an in-house textile designer, fast-fashion companies just cannot replicate the looks she has worked so hard to deliver. Thank goodness.

Supporting women-owned companies that are backed by passion is a value of mine, and I hope it is one of yours, too. I highly recommend giving Emma and Get Yourself Dressed a look when you are ready to add something fresh to your festival wardrobe.

Use Code THANKSMIA for 15% off!

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