12 Hours of Sin City Hearts

12 Hours with Desert Hearts

on May 5th

Lineup Includes Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky

The weekend following their annual Spring Festival in Southern California, the Desert Hearts crew will come back to Earth for their inaugural Sin City Hearts Festival offering 12 hours of House, Techno, and Love in the heart of Downtown Vegas.

Sin City Hearts will bring the iconic City Hearts Festival production, performers, vendors, and art to America’s capital of debauchery – a fitting decompression for one of the dance music scene’s wildest party families.

Joining the guys is Nathan Barato — Toronto Tech House’s prodigal son who has seen massive releases on labels like elrow, Hot Creations, and Crosstown Rebels – as well as Australian House phenom Cut Snake.

In addition to their notorious sound and curation, Desert Hearts will host food trucks, immersive art installations, and live painting. With decompression in mind, fans will be treated to expansive lounge areas, amphitheater-style seating and yoga classes aimed to regenerate and revitalize. Attendees can also expect to see stilt walkers, aerialists, and fire dancers performing amongst the dancefloor – a vibrant taste of the desert community infused into the modern creative hub of Downtown Las Vegas.

This decompression party sounds like the place we all need to be on May 5th. 

Grab your tickets here fast before FOMO sets in and if you’re still on the fence- KEEP READING about why these guys are a must see!

Who are the Desert Hearts?

Mikey Lion, one of the fastest growing West Coast house DJs and a centerpiece of the Desert Hearts crew. The deep house & techno, tribal sounds he creates will take you on a journey like no other.

Mikey has taken over the San Diego’s premier House & Techno party scene, as well as performed at festivals like Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. These incredible, life-changing festivals have inspired his best friends and younger brother to create their very own festival that is based on House, Techno, and Love. We’ve been lucky enough to cover their Desert Hearts Festival and look forward to it each Spring.

One of the main reason we LOVE Mikey is that every week he posts “10 Tunes I’m Fuckin’ With” and we can’t get enough.  Check out his recent tunes below!


David Leon, better known as Porky, is known as the wildcard of Desert Hearts. He takes his partying very seriously, which we can’t disagree with after hearing his deep & unique, techno sets. San Diego native and influenced by older brother Mikey Lion, he has performed in Tulum, Burning Man and of course, Desert Hearts. Porkchop is also our absolute favorite to follow on social media because you never really know what you will see.




San Diego resident, Marbs, is known for his dark, crazy house, techno, psychedelic vibes. And let’s be honest, he is my personal favorite of the group! With influences of artists like Pink Floyd and Tool, he brings something from another level to the Desert Hearts crew. His music has a mystical and fantasy sound to it, that will take you on an adventure you never thought you were capable of going on.  Not only is Marbs a musical genius, but his art is truly amazing as well. Check out some of his work here.




Last but certainly not least is-Lee Reynolds, also known as “Papa Lee” of the Desert Hearts crew. Lee Reynolds keeps the partying going!  He has been spinning records since 1988 and has only gotten better with time. He was a professional DMX rider turned into house music guru.  He found himself in an electronic psychedelic state and eventually was introduced to a group of young, San Diego men, which are now the Desert Hearts crew! His funky, weird vibe will have you feeling more groovy than ever at any Desert Hearts event.

See you there!

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