We Found Gold: Get Lucky

Photos by Ho Sayy

Guest Written by Rachel Dobson

Hosted by V2 presents, Get Lucky was an event that won’t be easily forgotten from our memories. It was a spaghetti bowl of personalities and the chant of sweet vibrations leading from inside The Celtic Palace to outdoors into the Tent of Gold continued for two full days at the Great Saltair.

To kick off Day 1, local artists Suprtek and Deadsun supremely accomplished getting the crowd feeling right and hyped with many crowd-pleasing bangers while Nate Lowpass was on deck, holding out some stirring tech house music to set the vibe for the Tent of Gold stage for that night. When interviewing Nate Lowpass during a PubG Xbox Live party chat, he talked about his love for Drezo’s dark, moody style along with Wax Motif and Disclosure as his inspirations. He played a teaser of a new song he made with Fransis Derelle and X&G called “Freek”, which happened to be my favorite part of his set.

A favorite performance of mine was Wuki because he dropped older hip hop beats like “Lets Go” by Lil Jon, Twista, and Trick Daddy transitioning to old school Skrillex’s “Devil’s Den”,- but it didn’t stop there. The entire time he had an infectious, party-like energy on stage which kept the crowd engaged and jump-hopping around like little leprechauns finally finding a pot of gold. Something must’ve been in the air to provoke an unspoken agreement between artists to play “We Like To Party” by The Vengaboys because I counted 5+ instances that I heard that song remixed in different sets. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself about it because I used to dance to that song in 6th Grade.

Back inside the Celtic Palace was a battalion of bass lovers headbanging to the colossal, unabating beats from Buku, Space Jesus, Cookie Monsta, and Slander. Not only were the beats heavily on point, but the insane visuals mixed with the mind-blowing lasers that never cease to amaze, had many in a time warping adventure.

At the same time, Wax Motif and Drezo were commanding the Tent of Gold, enticing the crowd into an intimate setting where the lovers of house music came to be entranced for the next several hours.

Flowing into that space with her own unique style of house music was Mija. I could watch Mija mix music all day long for the rest of my life. Her focus on the sounds she’s creating always astounds me because she makes it look effortless and she mixes literally the entire time. Later that night I saw on her Instagram story that she had posted a picture of her on the stage while talking with the stage crew with a caption that said, “so can you turn all the lights off” -me for every set. She wants to take you on a journey of what her shadowy, mysterious, inner heart both sounds like and feels like. While killing it on stage she said, “my only goal tonight is to make you feel sexy as fuck.” Then continued to play a salsa tune that had everyone feeling exactly that way.

To end a wonderful night, Destructo did what you would expect and rocked the crowd with his explosive sound while also holding a melody that kept all his people on the high from the nights energy.

Thank you and see you next year, Get Lucky!


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