5 Things We Witnessed at the Ninja Nation Tour

Upon a successful first run of the Ninja Nation Tour in 2017, Datsik teamed up with his friends Space Jesus, Riot Ten, Carbin, Wooli and Swage to tour across the U.S., featuring the Shogun Stage. With cities like NYC, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando and Portland all getting a bass-loaded taste of Datsik & CO., we were lucky enough to attend BOTH nights of the Los Angeles stop. Here’s five things we witnessed that proves Datsik and friends are not messing around.

Photo Courtesy of Carbin via Twitter

CARBIN Kicking Off Both Nights 

Just one day after releasing his EP The Formula, CARBIN set the mood with his electric sound. As the crowd poured in, the energy of the place grew exponentially. If we could give you one piece of advice it’d be to keep your eyes on this kid. With the ever-growing amount of artists fighting their way into the dubstep scene, CARBIN has already made a name for himself. Although Boss is my favorite song of his, I instantaneously fell in love with All Night. The trap beats with Armanni Reign on the mic proved to be the type of groovy I so long for.

Riot Ten Conducting an Orchestra

When most people think of dubstep, they don’t think of singing. But Riot Ten is here to prove otherwise. His song Rail Breaker is a 2018 headbanger’s anthem. There’s nothing more exciting than a sea of 3,000 people screaming out the lyrics.

Space Jesus Giving Life Advice

If you’ve ever seen Space Jesus, you know his set is riddled with sayings like, “Dr. Seuss is the best rapper, alive or dead,” “F*ck Donald Trump!”, and “I wrote this with my dad,”. But the best one yet would have to be this: You don’t always have to be head banging, you know you can slow down and dance. As Space Jesus dropped some low-tempo beats, the crowd moved side to side, slowly. It was a charm seeing him, two nights in a row, bringing some variety to the show. Also, he dj’ed with no shoes on both nights.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Photo Courtesy of Don Idio via React

Brillz Debuts LSDream

Brillz has built his brand, Twonk, as an eclectic street brand that portrays genre defying music. Heavily influenced by trap, Brillz has been playing the circuit as such. But what happens when an artists decides to dip their toes into something new? One word: magic.
As Brillz came on stage and presented his new project, LSDream, the crowd grew silent with anticipation. Ominous sounds flooded the venue. The first song came and BOOM, everyone was in a state of ~trance~. The music was unique, a combo of Porter Robinson, Rezz and Caspa mixed in to give light to the darker side of bass music. Sure, there’s been a lot of mixed reviews in regards to if this tour was the right time and place to experiment. To that I say: we’re in LA, the land of dreams, where people try new things and experiment with sounds. Without artists who are willing to take the risk, we for sure would not have the musical variety we have today. So to LSDream, thank you for taking a risk. The excitement of this project’s unveiling has us checking for updates as to when he’ll be in town next.

Datsik Brought out all the Ninjas

Having gone to the last two Ninja Nation tours, this one proved to bring out everyone’s crafty side. It was a sea of homemade light-up hats, headbands, and ninja wear. From girls to guys, young to old, there was no shortage of Ninjas in the crowd. It really shows the dedication of Datsik’s fans and the community they’ve built. It was exciting to see the energy they all boasted.

Photo Courtesy of Bassrush

The Ninja Nation Tour still has a few stops left! For details on which cities, click here.

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