Rezz: Sweet Hysteria at the Van Buren

Photos by Relentless Beats

Just this weekend, Space Queen Rezz took Arizona on a journey through hypnosis. Dedicated and passionate as ever, the powerhouse played both Tuscon and Phoenix on Friday, February 2nd. Opening acts of Limbo, Saas, and Eprom made the vibe of the night extra dreamy for any bass-lover. Walking into The Van Buren of Phoenix, I knew that there was nowhere else I’d even imagine wanting to be that night, and the sweet, heavy tunes drew my crew in from the very start.

We got down. We most definitely made some new Rezz-head friends and were reminded of why we love the electronic music scene so much. Our minds were blown with the oh-so-familiar tunes that we know and love, matched with the perfectly eerie stage production that Rezz throws down. The combination of deep wubz and hundreds of smiling faces made for a night full of magic.

The Van Buren is one of the newer venues that Phoenix has to offer, and I gotta say- it’s incredible. The chandeliers, the patio, the food stand, and large amount of space make for a perfect concert viewing experience! This is exactly what Phoenix has needed, and paired with the top-par organizational skills of the team at Arizona’s own Relentless Beats, local shows are about to reach a new level of awesome for the city.

Experience the fun with Rezz on Soundcloud.

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