5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nora En Pure

Photo taken from Nora En Pure’s Instagram

Nora En Pure’s music can take you to a place of peace and serenity. She’s released top songs like Tears In Your Eyes, Lake Arrowhead, Saltwater and many more that make you feel untouchable. As a huge fan of Nora En Pure, you’d think we’d know all of the secrets, but in reality, there is always something new to find out about someone, so here are some things you may not have known about her.

  1. Her real name is Daniela Niederer

Daniela was looking for a name that was unique, easy to remember and the word “pure” incorporated. Her music is clear, pure, organic and her stage name, Nora En Pure, definitely matches. It’s a name that once you hear it, you never forget.

  1. Her dream wasn’t always electronic dance music

While Daniela studied criminal psychology in school, she wasn’t really interested in electronic music at first. Her main tunes were rock, metal and opera. Later on, she met with people in studios and realized how much she actually did like it!

  1. South African-Swiss sound influences

Being born in South Africa and raised in Switzerland, Nora En Pure incorporates nature and African wilderness sounds into her tracks. She’s found creative inspiration through her South African roots intertwining an exotic sound with tribal percussion, classical instrumentation (with wind, piano or harmonious instruments) that create organic nature sounds.

  1. Recognized with top single, “Come With Me”

Nora was first recognized in 2013 with her hit song, Come With Me, which stayed in the top 100 of Beatport’s download list for more than seven months! Come With Me makes you feel like you’re in the lush tropics dancing around with the warm, breezy air on your skin. Her unique sound sets her apart from other musicians keeping her style raw and non-mainstream.

  1. She’s a dog lover

When she’s not on tour or making music she’s hanging with her adorable Jack Russell! She’s an animal and nature lover (not specifically cats though) who can create incredible music.

Photo Taken from Nora En Pure’s Instagram

We love Nora not only because she has the cutest puppy ever,
but her style and taste when she creates and performs her music
takes you on a relaxing, but still groovy, ride.

Check her out on Saint Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles, CA.
Grab your tickets here!





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