What is Gary Richards Up To?

While we were all wearing our party hats and toasting to the New Year, Gary Richards aka Destructo was busy dropping some subtle and not so subtle hints about his next project.

If you recall just last summer he announced his split with LiveNation. This news led to a huge uproar on social media. A flury of tweets came from various artists voicing their support of Richards. Petitions were even created declaring “No Gary, No Ship”. Despite all this, the ship must go on. Holy Ship will be setting sail in just a few days (with a pretty dope lineup).

It looks like a few months was all Richards needed to get a new project going. While details of the prioject are unclear, something is definitely in the works. It all started with a mysterious hashtag (#AMFAMFAMF) at the end of a Facebook post on New Years Eve (also his birthday).

Then the day after, the hashtag was revealed to stand for “All My Friends”. He offered no further explanation besides a webpage with a spot to sign up for an email list (which you bet we did).

The internet really got juicy when this popped up in my news feed.

New cruise? New company? New Festival? New Friends?


While this is all speculation at this point, one thing is definite: Gary Richards has something in the works for 2018 and it’s going to be big. Fingers crossed it’s a new ship (with better tasting pizza).

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