Rumble in the Jungle: Bamboo Bass Festival

Founded in 2015 by the Bamboo Family, Bamboo Bass Festival in Costa Rica is a traveling bass lovers dream. This will be the third year the organizers celebrate their love of bass music in this tropical wonderland. Paper Diamond and Minnesota will headline this year’s festival along with a host of other musicians from all over the globe. A handful of local Costa Rican performers are included in the lineup as well.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Get lost in the jungle- literally. The venue is nestled between giant overgrown trees and under a jungle canopy in Costa Rica. It also happens to be located in an adventure park where festival attendees can receive discounted passes. They can choose to fly high above the festival during the day and explore new heights of the jungle. Outside of the venue is the exotic little beach town of Jaco. This location is everything you would expect from a place like Costa Rica, gorgeous skylines with luscious greenery and breathtaking sunsets. The venue is made up of two stages, perfectly angled away from each other. 

Art, Bass, Paradise

If the venue wasn’t already naturally a work of art, the festival brings in creatives from all over to fill the jungle with vibrant pieces. The stunning stages, art installations, and performance artists take this festival to the next level, providing attendees with a visually satisfying experience.

Safety First

The festival has teamed up with Karmik, a harm reduction organization based out of Canada. While the festival does not condone the use of illicit drugs, they are following the trend of the international festival community by providing harm reduction support on site. The Karmik workers aim to provide non-judgmental peer support and create a safe environment.

Bamboo Bass takes place February 16-18 in Costa Rica. Buy your tickets here.

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