Playing Our Bardz Right— New EP Alert

Bardz, has astounded us with his creativity and ingenuity on his highly anticipated debut EP, Elsewhere. Bardz combines powerful elements from several different sources to create a unique set of tracks. Bardz has been on our radar ever since his single, Kelona, first caught our attention. His exceptional work has captivated us yet again with this three track journey! Take a peek and lend an ear as we swoon you below.

  • Threshold— The first track on the EP starts out with well crafted vocal chops, accompanied with brass and percussion.  The percussion then falls into the lead, which carries the track until Bardz drops his masterful percussion. The track eventually leads back to the vocal chops that center the track. His creativity speaks volumes on the first track, and leaves listeners carrying on to the next track.

  • Altitudes— Arguably the strongest track on the EP, Altitudes delivers Bardz’s greatest track to date. With percussive complexity, vocal chops, well executed synths, and Bardz’s signature pan flute, this track surpasses all expectations. The track begins with a mix of synths, vocal chops, and percussion that is reminiscent of ODESZA. Yes, ODESZA! Stop and listen. The track then progresses with subtle use of an arpeggiator accompanied with the pan flute. The track eventually leads into a break that focuses on vocal chops, eventually followed by the rhythmic percussion and the arpeggiator. The climax of the song appears just after the break with a high impact drop that is fueled by the vocal chops. The song then utilizes all of its joint elements carrying to a close.

  • Kelona— The third and final track of the EP, Kelona simoply draws out versatility, creativity, and a high production quality.

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