Marshmello 2018 Tour— Things Got Toasty

Photos from Marshmello’s Facebook page

Marshmello’s meteoric rise to fame has been paved in no coincidental manner and his 2018 tour is a mere testament to that. Remaining nothing short of consistent throughout his career, the Mello Gang leader knows just how to entwine all the essential, explosive, euphoria-fueling, key elements with each thundering experience to offer on his platter. As we had the pleasure of attending opening night of this explosive 2018 run, first thing’s first… MIND = BLOWN!

Opening talent

  • Yultron: As frontline opener, Yultron took the stage and blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. Yultron kicked the night off with a bang and threw down the grimiest trap and dubstep. His quality mixing and hyped tracks elevated the crowd’s energy, and converted nonbelievers to headbangers. Needless to say, watch out for Yultron as his headliner quality set shook us all and wondering how we could get more of him!
  • Said the Sky: As the second opener, Said The Sky shuffled the audience through a plethora of feels. With dancey tracks that seemingly resembled Illenium’s style of work, the entire crowd couldn’t help but to flash smiles and vibe out. His incredible presence was one in which just has to be witnessed.

The man himself

Headlining before a crowd of well over 9000 people, the man behind the mask had finally been revealed! Yeah, sike. However, Marshmello’s set began with Will Ferrell on screen in the entire Marshmello do up, claiming to be the one and only Marshmello who has been producing before Tiesto was even born! After the hilarious intro, Marshmello took the stage and destroyed our expectations in a flash. With an untouchable production including top notch visuals coupled with banger after banger, Marshmello’s 2018 Tour had single handedly killed the game and you bet we are hungry for more. Certainly, a handful of chart breakers took us for a spin with familiarity and excitement. The other amazing portion of his set was an impeccable work of art being his skill set right before us. From the dabbles in rock to gritty and grimey trap anthem samples, this show was one of the most diverse and captivating I have experienced in a long while. Although we had no idea what was to come, what was exciting was to see the crowd in sync with singalongs to tracks like “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez and “Silence” featuring Khalid. The closeout of the explosive show was something very toned down and dear to many a Marshmello and Lil Peep fan. Lil Peep, a fallen rapper in late 2017, was honored via touching homage including his collaborative track, “Spotlight.” Excited to share with the crowd, Marshmello explained what a true honor it was to work with Lil Peep, period, and boy did he share their work gracefully. From the bouncy marshmello mask to the beats rattling our bones, bottom line is everyone in the building left as happy campers.

FOMO has you down?

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