House, Top Hat, Love…Mikey Lion

Photos by Conner Lee Coughenour Photography

Some DJ’s prefer to tote around pinatas, others like to wear s’mores ingredients on their heads.

The most regal of them all, choose to adorn their mane with a technocolor top hat.

Meet Mikey Lion. The cool cat in a top hat leading the Desert Hearts movement-and one of the fastest growing House DJ’s of our generation. Lion is a native of Encinitas, CA who can now be found running around LA.

Mikey’s genuine appreciation for his Desert Hearts family shines throughout his being and is a crucial component of why the movement is so solid. The atmosphere present in every festival, club event, and festival set is why we just can’t get enough: the vibes unfurl organically and the personality is Dopamine inducing.

Mikey has many proverbial feathers tucked into his cap including a four-month residency in Barcelona, several Coachella gigs, the creation of the lively Pile Palace Burning Man camp, and the curation of a worldwide tour that I don’t think ever really ends. You can absolutely count on Mikey and the rest of the guys to bring the house, techno, and love- no matter where, when, or why.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to move and groove with Mikey and the rest of the Desert Hearts crew this April 27th-30th at Desert Hearts Festival. Tickets are limited and moving insanely quick!

Get your tickets here!

Listen to Mikey’s flawless latest mix “Still Playa Dreaming”:

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