#FBF: 10 Things We Miss Most About Snowglobe Music Festival

2017 was a year for the books. In fact, it felt like it came and went in a blink of an eye. However, one of the best parts of the year is the end; and celebrating all of the ups and downs the universe provided at a New Years festival is the best way to close it all down. Snowglobe Music Festival has been one of my personal favorite ways to end the year, since 2014. The festival’s home is in stunning South Lake Tahoe, California and welcomes snow bunnies from everywhere to bundle up, sparkle on, and groove to the beats among the trees. While this year was a bit muddy (MudGlobe 2017 anyone?), the festival did not hold back in excitement and in music. Below are the 10 things that I miss most about Snowglobe Music Festival.


10. Shiny Disco Balls (In An Igloo)

This was the year of the Igloo tent. Normally, the Igloo Tent is a bit desolate and can provide warmth amidst freezing temperature. Typically boasting underground music and deep house, you will only find the true die-hard techno kids there. However, with Dirtybird legend Shiba San nabbing a headliner spot, this tent was jammed packed with nothing but fun. To top it all off, two huge disco balls donned the ceilings for the perfect “night sky” in Tahoe.


9. The Ambiance 

Nothing says Snowglobe like the true ambiance of the area. That is, of course, the gorgeous evergreens. Perfectly lit, and beautifully positioned, these trees provide the perfect backdrop to a killer set, or photos with your festie bestie.


8. The Snow Bunnies… Everywhere. 

There are many choices when it comes to NYE festivals. But 99.9% of them are indoors. The .1%? Snowglobe. While it may sound unpleasant if the temperatures are around freezing; bundling up in your favorite faux fur is a blast. And sometimes you need to be in the middle of the crowd to stay warm. Only one festival in the United States can offer that you… and its Snowglobe.


7. Those NYE Fireworks

Another beautiful thing about being outside during NYE? The fireworks. Each night of the 3-day festival, Snowglobe closes out the winter wonderland with a gorgeous firework show. And the grand finale is of course, New Years Eve. No other festival can provide this magic on NYE.



Just one short month after his 18th birthday and release of his tear-jerking album, Presence, French producer Petite Biscuit took the main stage at Snowglobe Music Festival. Petit’s performance was beyond words. A combination of guitar, drums, his original masterpieces and bass was pure heaven when paired with the backdrop of South Lake Tahoe. #TAKEUSBACK


5. New (and Matching) Friends

Nothing says “You’re my new BFF” like bumping into a couple literally wearing the exact same outfit that you have on. Shout out to Spirit Hoods for making the warmest and most fashionable jackets around.


4. The Magical and Artistic Masterpieces

If its gigantic, it lights up and we can spin it around, its probably awesome. This too can be said about the giant piece of art in the center of Snowglobe Music Festival 2017. It provided a great space to lounge, and made for beautiful pictures. The festies there may or may not have deflated the art piece at one point, but it was back up and running the next day.


3. The Evolution of The Sierra Stage 

If you are an OG Glober, you know that the Sierra Stage was once a tent on the side of the festival grounds. The capacity of the festival encouraged the organizers to turn it into a full stage. To take it a step further, they built the stage with plastic cubes with LEDs inside. The cubes would change colors throughout the night to provide an incredible light show for both the artist and the crowd.

2. Main Stage Vibes

Yes, the Sierra Stage has really expanded the festival but the Main Stage is home. This year, Porter Robinson, E-40, and Alison Wonderland graced Snowglober’s ears with the sounds leading up to the New Year. Alison Wonderland closed out the festival and welcomed festies in 2018.


1. The Quarter Pipe (To A Kicker)

Arguably one of the coolest things about Snowglobe is the fact that you can watch some pretty talented boarders and skiers perform crazy tricks; all while grooving to the sounds of the main stage.

Overall, Snowglobe is not a festival for the faint of heart. You need to be ready to embrace the cold (or mud), you need to be willing to dance, and you need to be ready to say goodbye to one crazy year and hello to your best year yet. Until next time!


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