15 Resolutions for the Adventurous Festival Goer

Let’s face it, we all fall into our festival habits. Every year we look at all the festival has to offer and get really excited to try something new. Then we end up eating at the same place three days in a row, not leaving the campsite until our favorite artists is set to play, and attending the same festival a few hours down the road.

As fun as all of that is, it’s a new year! It’s time for some new adventures. It’s time to get your butt up and actually make it that morning yoga class. It’s time to save your money and take a trip further out of your normal festival radius. It’s time to make 2018 the best year of festing yet!

If you are looking to improve your 2018 festing than here are some resolutions you might want to consider:

  1. Leave the campsite before your favorite artists is set to play
  2. Make it to the sunrise set
  3. Do more squats (rave booty)
  4. Attend at least one workshop
  5. Eat something other than spicy pie
  6. Go to an international festival
  7. Remember rain gear
  8. Make a morning yoga class
  9. Try a food item you’ve never tried before with a food vendor
  10. Take a flow art lesson
  11. Miss one of your favorite acts on the main stage to discover a new artist
  12. Support local music
  13. Support local fashion vendors
  14. Fest alone
  15. Go to a festival across the country

What are your 2018 festival resolutions?

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