I saw the Light at San Holo’s Show

The moment I’ve been waiting for finally arrived last Friday,- San Holo live at the Novo! San Holo has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time and I was finally able to see him perform live, which was far beyond amazing and incredibly fun.

The Venue

Before I go into how amazing the show was, I want to reflect on the venue itself. The show was in Downtown, Los Angeles at the Novo. This was my first time at this venue and overall, I really liked it. It was located near the Staples Center and they had gorgeous decorations for Christmas up, which made it feel super festive. When you first arrive at the venue, it feels really spacious since there is an upstairs and downstairs. The venue does have multiple seating tickets to choose from, but I assumed general admission was for the floor and balcony was for the upstairs balcony seats (of course VIP is self-explanatory).  When making our way to the front of the stage (because I ALWAYS want to try my best to get front row), we weren’t allowed since we didn’t’ have that specific wristband. This was definitely disappointing, since I love being emerged in the crowd and upfront as close as possible, but it didn’t take away from seeing the performers and feeling the bass.


Okay, now let me get into how incredible this show was, despite not making it to the front of the crowd. San Holo opened with an incredible guitar performance for his song, “Light”, which blew fans away. Everyone was cheering when he came out and then… he drops the lyrics and we all start jumping. It was an awesome opener and gave me the chills. His performance was more than I ever could have expected and left me feeling the BEST vibes. I will definitely be seeing him again and this time, making my way to the very front!

Photo Taken by Steven Truong

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in on time to see Just A Gent, but I did have the pleasure of seeing DROELOE, who I was also extremely excited to see live. I fell in love with their music when the Diplo & Friends Mix, “Sorry Not Sorry, was released and haven’t stopped listening since. They threw some remixes into their set including “Paris” by one of my other favorite DJs, The Chainsmokers, mixed with DROELOE’S “Sunburn”. It was a great performance that really got the audience hyped for San Holo!

Photo Taken by Bridgette Reynolds

San Holo has made a massive hit in the music scene and this show confirmed it for me personally.  If you love good vibes and good music, then I highly recommend purchasing tickets to a show near you!

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