Ringing in the New Year with your TRIBE!

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New Year, Same Old Me!

As 2018 approaches, a lot is on everyone’s mind- what goals have been reached, what our shortcomings were, New Year’s Eve plans, and of course how we need to lose weight in 2018! But as we grow up, our focus on New Year’s shifts from the self-centered goals of weight loss to something more meaningful and intrinsic- finding real happiness.

What is “real happiness”?  Well, it depends on who you ask, but most will agree that music elicits happiness.  Whether you’re mentally preparing for the meeting of a lifetime or unwinding after a day from hell– music has a way of transforming our mentality and allowing us to continue.  Some studies define music as the universal language — “With music,” they’ll say, “you can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in ways that you can’t with ordinary languages like English or French.”  Music plays an integral role in our community, daily lives, and of course our New Year’s celebrations!

Why STS9 for NYE?

The people that contribute to this blog live, breath, eat, and sleep music.  We often times have our personal favorite musicians that have lead us to become who we are today as music-lovers.  For me, that is Sound Tribe Sector 9.  STS9 cultivates a community of fans that believe in happiness through bonding and togetherness.  I remember the first time I saw STS9 play live at the Chicago Theater in 2008- it was life changing!  Since that moment, I’ve been proud to call myself part of the Tribe Family and subsequently have met some truly amazing people along the way.

I spoke with one of my Tribe Family friends- Holt- about why he chose to spend New Year’s Eve in San Francisco with STS9.


Holt Galbraith: Denver, Colorado

Festival Squad: What does the New Year mean to you?  Often times, people view New Years as a time to reflect back on their accomplishments/shortcomings, as well as, set goals for the upcoming year.  Though being reflective is important to self-growth, most studies show that being hyper-critical can lead to low self-esteem.  How has your perception of the New Year changed with time and how has music played a role in that view?

Holt Galbraith: My perception of New Years changes every year. As I get older, I feel that I am getting wiser and my music taste over the year really coincides with that. We (the Sound Tribe Sector 9 fanbase) all probably listened to similar music in our early days and listen back now, still getting all get that nostalgia, it’s really breathtaking sometimes. 

FS: Can you share any specific stories on how music has helped shape you and more specifically your New Years’ experiences in the past?

HG: STS9 is my connection to the heart and the mind. STS9 is always pushing the envelope of educating fans in music, science, and love- which are my true passions. As far as specific memories go, I’d say STS9 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. I think any big music fan really needs to experience that. Them being back in the venue where they really got big in the south, talk about nostalgia. It’s a packed house for sure yet still remaining a very intimate feel. They play their hearts out and you can really just feel some old school Sector 9 vibes just dripping from the ceiling…(or maybe that’s just sweat lol).

FS: Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) is set to play a 3-day New Year’s Eve run in San Francisco’s famed venue- The Warfield.  The Warfield is an iconic venue that was built in 1922 and is now operated by Goldenvoice, the creator of Coachella and Stagecoach Festival. What are your plans for STS9’s NYE run? Are you traveling from afar?  Going solo?  Why did you choose to spend NYE with STS9 when there are so many options available?

HG: I’m coming from Denver meeting up with my friends from Chicago, as well as some friends in Los Angeles. I have a huge connection to California, especially San Fran, and got to visit my grandmother all the time until she passed, we spread her ashes on a boat way out in the Bay. This NYE run will be a very spiritual and beautiful trip, I plan to go visit her old house and see the sights where she used live to bring back some nostalgia. Simply put…who doesn’t want to go see their favorite band in CALI!

FS: How has STS9 helped foster friendships over the years?  

HG: I have made so many close friends through STS9; it’s really great, just that moment you click with someone, whether it be in person or social media is something we can’t take for granted. I’m so grateful to have a passion like this and thankful for STS9’s music. I met my best friend at a music festival 4 years ago, we found out we were both huge “STSnerds” and the rest was history. I often have social anxiety as well so I am apathetic towards that and know it can be hard for people to go out of a comfort zone and say hello to someone, so like I said, I’m just glad that STS9 exists and that and I feel at home with fans new or old, it’s amazing.

FS: How will music play a role in 2018 for you?   

HG: I plan to try to network at some festivals and gain more clientele for my career. I’m a graphic designer, so I love meeting new people who I can potentially do work for down the road, and if they’re an STS9 fan already…it makes my job that much easier!

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