Let Grandmom Hear this Playlist on Christmas

The Holidays are here…

and just because they’ve arrived, doesn’t mean we stop listening to our favorite dance music and turn on Christmas tunes only! Why can’t we have both? Grab your Grandmom, take a sip of your spiked egg nog and hit play! I’ve created this stellar holiday playlist for ya’ll to jam out to this holiday season!

As we all know, Kaskade came out with an amazing Christmas playlist. I do have to admit though, that when it was first released I was skeptical. EDM Christmas music?! But, I gave it a shot and honestly can’t stop listening to it! This puts you in the holiday spirit and makes you want to hang up the Christmas lights with your family! It’s groovy and stylish. Two festive things, in my opinion.

I also added a few tracks from the talented Diplo and friends, Mad Decent label playlists, A Very Decent Christmas and A Very, Very Decent Christmas. A Very Decent Christmas was released in 2013 and A Very, Very Decent Christmas was released in 2014. These are both still hits that your Grandmom will love dancing to around the fireplace on Christmas day. Their playlists are something you listen to if you love the holidays, but don’t really love the holiday music. They put a dirty spin on it.

Photo Taken By John Jacobson

We can’t forget about dubstep and deep house when it comes to Christmas, now can we? Monstercat’s, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Snowman Swag, Terravita’s, Rock The Carol Of The Bells and Ookay’s, Trillmas made sure to include the funky, deep base/dubstep tones in their holiday songs.

Photo Taken By HTA Photo

Lastly, Jaykode’s Nutcraka and DJ Snake’s Bird Machine (Jingle Bells Edition). They incorporated bass and house/trap sounds, which reminds me of DJ Snake’s song, Turn Down for What? [insert Lil Jon’s voice here] and who doesn’t like TDFW? I honestly forgot these were Christmas songs for a second. Grandmom would approve. 

I know the holidays can be stressful sometimes, so I hope that this playlist helps take some stress away from you and your family!

Happy holidays, from our Festival Squad to yours!

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