Illenium & Dabin Coming To Royal Oak!

Photo Taken From Illenium’s Twitter

Written By Cheyanne Powell

We are always talking about new experiences, right? Here is one you won’t want to miss! For one of the most emotional, artistic performances you will experience, come attend Illenium and Dabin at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on December 13th. The two will be taking the stage with Said the Sky as an opener. Their sentimental and unique art forms will take you on a ride full of diverse melodies through a perception of life and love.

Nick Miller, known as Illenium, moved to Denver in 2013. From there, he kicked off his music career focusing on creating melodic music that merges into dubstep. He is known for live performances while playing a keyboard and drum pad. His first album, Ashes, dropped in 2016. Just this year he has released his second album titled, Awake, which has lead him onto his current Awake Tour.

Dabin is a young DJ from Toronto, Canada who creates music similar to Illenium. His music leads you through an immersive experience reflecting every emotion you have ever felt. The way he produces music with his live performances will leave you speechless. He is also known for his live performances with playing a keyboard, drum pad, and guitar. Dabin’s first album dropped this year. Two Hearts expresses a story line everyone can relate to.

As one who has experienced incredible shows from both of the artists, I insist on snagging your tickets before they sell out. Tickets are on sale now for as low as $29.50. Doors open at 8:00 PM in Detroit, MI.  

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