From Detroit, To Mija: We Love You

An Open Love Letter to Mija

It was Friday, Dec 22nd in the cold, snowy city of Detroit… The Holidays had us both stressin’ and excited to the max, yet just looking for some sort of escape from the norm. We heard there was magic stirring at The Magic Stick that night- A Glitter Ball of some sorts. Little did we know, we were going to have one of the best nights of our life.

We’ve seen you kill it at large-scale festivals, but this was different. It was intimate,- the type of venue that you could find your friends at ease, as well as make new ones all at the same time. And those pulsing, sound reactive lights made for a mind-blowing experience, perfectly dancing to the sweet sounds of your tunes.

Your style of music is like no other, and we were so pleasantly surprised by the heaviness of your set that night, throwing down the dirtiest house and techno that our ears have yet to enjoy.

Most memorable were the smiling faces and high energetics of the crowd, and being greeted with a glitter station upon entering the venue. Glitter in your hair, glitter on your face, glitter to be put just about anywhere really.

We came, we danced, and got glittered out. To end on a high note, we even jumped some rope

So from us to you-

Thank you for an amazing night, WE LOVE YOU!

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