Somewhere between Illenium and Odesza lies an untapped market of sounds that have rarely been explored. BARDZ first ever single Kelona seems to find the missing link between the sounds to create something entirely new. Both his impressive production quality and musical creativity shine brightly through his craft.

BARDZ incorporates several different methods to show his top notch production quality. His ability to create haunting vocals layered over an impressive percussive medley is shaken up with various stylistic production choices that can only be made by those who have been progressively working to master their craft. The buildup from the percussion is met with a drop that shows off BARDZ ability to use synths and vocal chops to create a haunting and exciting track.

The versatility BARDZ demonstrates on this track is perhaps its most astounding feature. Beyond the vocal chops and the percussion is the deep bass that carries the track and adds depth. The melody is coupled with an underlying synth that adds a lighter element to the otherwise beautifully dark track.

By pulling from several sources of inspiration, BARDZ has created a track that certainly stands out from the rest. As a debut single, for his upcoming EP Elsewhere, BARDZ is well on his way to making a name for himself as a producer. Find Elsewhere, January 17th, on Soundcloud or Spotify.  BARDZ is certainly a name to look out for in 2018 and beyond! Listen to his latest track below.

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