10 Signs That You May Be Missing Festival Season


Our tans have faded, snow is setting in, and the lineups for 2018 are slowly dropping. The friendships we made, the road trips we took, and the legendary sets we saw in 2017, though, will stay with us forever. It’s easy to get caught up in the void that the end of festival season causes, but have no fear! If these 10 signs that you may be missing festival season apply to you, just know that you are not alone.


1. You find yourself wearing your Spirithood while aimlessly wandering around the house.

2. You start wondering if it is socially acceptable to wear glitter to the grocery store, work, class, yoga, etc

3. You don’t completely shudder at the thought of using a port-a-potty (and dare I say, you even miss it?)

4. Your online shopping carts are filled with potential outfits for 2018 festival season (Coachella is only 4 months away..)

5. You take it personally when someone makes a joke about how ugly fanny packs are.

6. You’ve considered setting up your tent in the backyard to sleep for a few nights.

7. You are experiencing slight withdrawals from not slapping the bag in so long.

8. You’ve contemplated rolling around in the dirt to give yourself the coveted “Festival: Day 3” look.

9. Having a fully charged cellphone with perfect reception has just become a hassle.

10. You would rather spend your Monday waiting in line for 13 hours to get into Global Eclipse instead of heading into work.

¬†Everyone knows that the best way to deal with post-festival season blues is to binge on Soundcloud and start planning the next year’s travels. And, if you’re looking to meet some fellow festival-goers to help ease the pain, make sure to join our Facebook group! What will your first festival in 2018 be?

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