LED OMFG NYE 2018: 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Written by Danica Nuestro

With the lineup, venue, and more, this is an event you do NOT want to miss out on!
With 2017 coming to its end, there’s no better way to put the cherry on top of Festival Season with no other than New Year’s Eve events! From Snowglobe Music Festival, Countdown NYE, Decadence, and more, there are so many options for festival lovers to enjoy…but which do you choose?

Today I’m going to be talking about OMFG! presented by My Life Everyday, also known as LED Presents. Since February of 2012, this company has been the premier events company bringing a mix of world-renowned DJ’s and up-and-coming artists to San Diego, expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco as well.

Now, why should you choose OMFG for your New Year’s Eve plans? As an attendee of this event since 2014, here are my reasons why this is your destination to ring in 2018!

1: Hate the cold? No problem!

Most New Year’s Eve festivals are held in outdoor venues, but LED Presents has partnered with San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center to provide a great indoor venue allowing you to stay warm during the winter! With indoor venues as well, it allows the production quality to stay in one place allowing attendees to see vividly bright visuals and lasers. Who doesn’t love that?


2: Sit back and enjoy the show.

Not many venues allow you to sit down during sets, and if you do end up sitting down to rest your legs or body, security would ask you to stand up as it may cause a safety issue for other attendees or even yourself. At Valley View, the venue is set up as a stadium including sectioned seating as well as the floor, so you’re able to dance the night away during some of your favorite artist sets, and take a break at these seats before going back on the floor to continue your party!

3: Porta-potties? No way!

Just to let you know, I absolutely cannot stand porta-potties. At every festival I attend, I spend a good amount of time roaming the grounds and venues in hopes of finding bathroom stalls instead of the dreaded porta-potties. You’re in luck though! With this indoor venue, Valley View provides multiple restrooms both in the lobby and at the lower arena with friendly staff doing all they can to keep the bathrooms clean & supplied. No more searching for that miracle porta-pottie with the last roll of toilet paper!

IMAGE via LED Presents on Facebook

4: You’ll never miss a set.

The additional benefits of an indoor venue is one giant stage with the best production value LED Presents can provide. With this, you can enjoy all your artists and not miss anything…unless you take a bathroom break, or grab another water! I know one of the issues I have at larger festivals is having to choose which artist to see and at what stage. While I do get exercise, it does get tiring having to go from stage-to-stage, and missing really good artists because of time conflicts.

And last but not least…

5: Have you seen the lineup?

As mentioned, many companies host New Year’s Eve events and it’s honestly so hard to choose which one. However, LED has gone above and beyond to provide two of the biggest DJ’s in the game and other huge artists as well! If you haven’t seen the lineup, check it out below!

Lineup provided via mylifeeveryday.com.

OMFG NYE 2018 is now sold out for both 2-day and single day tickets, and no additional ones have been released as of today. If you secured your ticket already, let’s ring in the new year together!

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