“Did you hear about Minimal Effort?”

Photo taken by Jamie Rosenberg 

I finally had the opportunity to go to a Minimal Effort event, after 2 years of passing them up. While there may have been a few negative things that occurred, it didn’t take away from my incredible evening. People will talk, but guests that were allowed and not allowed into the event should still hear the true story from the hosts themselves. Here is their full statement regarding guests who’ve paid, being turned away and closing out the event early. Minimal Effort has not disappointed in the past and this should not let guests lose trust for future shows.

While every event has its negatives, I am happy that I was lucky enough to have been able to enter the event. I had a wonderful first-time Minimal Effort experience and I’m here to share.


I’ve never been to a warehouse party before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. When I first walked in, I was actually surprised with how large the venue was. There was so much room for activity dancing, I could make it to each stage, the bathrooms, and the bar without feeling like I would lose myself in the crowd. Not to mention, the sound was exceptional! Overall, I was impressed with the location and would definitely attend another event there.


Dead Garden (Outside Stage)

Photo taken by Christopher Soltis

The garden was a magical experience and definitely felt like you were in a mystical garden. The decorations and lights that were drawn over the crowd created the perfect feels for a whimsical garden stage. The vibes were high and mellow, while Lee Burridge, Dusky and Damian Lazarus rocked the stage.

Claptone’s Masquerade (Indoor Stage)

Photo taken by Christopher Soltis

While my friends and I mostly stayed outside in the Dead Garden, Claptone’s Masquerade was one hell of a light show. The lights and lasers for every artist were incredible, which made me have a hard time going back to the Garden. MK, Brodinski and Claptone’s performances brought the deep techno that had our hips swaying.


My favorite performances at the event were MK and Dusky. First off, as I said before, the lights and lasers were out of this world! The lights made his music that much better. He’s recently released his new single, “17” and is currently on tour this fall to support it. You can catch him in Boston, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Austin and more in November!

Dusky’s two new songs, Square Miso and LF10 were released just in time for Minimal Effort. Their performance is always a great show with the best vibes, and it felt even better with the ambiance of the Dead Garden. You can catch them on tour throughout their traveling abroad this winter!

Photo taken by Colin Defenbau

I understand that some people are disappointed with the way things turned out last weekend, but personally, I don’t agree since I had a remarkable time. If I weren’t going away for New Years, I’d 100% be spending my night with Minimal Effort at their New Years Eve party! Tickets go on sale Monday, November 6th, so be sure to get yours early!

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