Gather the Family– BASSNECTAR’s SPRING is Here!

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BIG NEWS hit the internet early this morning:

BASSNECTAR announced 4 shows set to revolve around the 4 seasons! Each show will take place in different locations around the country. So far, only 1 location has been revealed and it’s taking place in CHICAGO!!!!!

Below is the statement that Bassnectars team released regarding the “Family Gathering”:

Currently deeeeeep in the Labs getting ready to drop the next EP: Reflective Part 2 (pre-order Friday, full release Dec 1st) as well as refining a world of new content for our Basslanta NYE Celebration…

With New Years prep in full swing, we’re also set to slingshot straight into 2018 with a roadmap of select festivals which weave in and out of four Seasonal Special Events. In time we will reveal more hints and clues to help you connect the dots and assemble a clearer picture of the shining path ahead…

SPRING: Midwest —> Chicago —> A Bassnectar Family Gathering (see below!)
SUMMER: ????? —> ????? —> rhymes with We Smile
AUTUMN: East Coast —> ????? —> ?????
WINTER: ????? —> ????? —> rhymes with New Years Weave

We’re wasting no time launching our Spring Gathering 2018 – see below! – and be on the lookout for Summer/Fall/Winter reveals over the coming months. We will be unveiling themes, dates, cities, venues, and support for all of these events ASAP, plus info on other incredible happenings. Stay tuned: (Also, keep an eye out for the return of Bassnectar Chocolate…)

OK, now you know the plan! Here’s the info on our Spring blowout:

Bassnectar - Chicago Spring Gathering 2018SPRING GATHERING 2018
March 30 + 31
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

We are creating four specially themed events next year, and have chosen a distinct epicenter of the Midwest to launch the first one: CHICAGO!

It’s been 7 years since we properly hit Chicago with a full-scale event (you may remember one of the hottest nights in our long history, practically soaked to the skin at the old Congress), and we can’t wait to return full power with friends and family coming from miles around. We are building a sonic magnet to draw you in from all around the country, taking over a huge room and transforming it into a full-on immersive sweatbox in the style of the raves I grew up on. Flickering lasers, writhing bodies, and undulating bass….all united together on one level!

For this first seasonal gathering we will celebrate the dawning of Spring: rebirth, regeneration, and a radiant gratitude for life. And the whole team is amping up on all levels: art, music, interactivity, and community.

And of course we are welcoming an awesome array of auditory talent:
• Rezz • TroyBoi • TOKiMONSTA • Ivy Lab • Danny Corn • Andreilien •


Presale tickets go on sale Wednesday November 15th @ 12pm CST

Public tickets go on sale Thursday November 16th @ 12pm CST


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