City Hearts: Brand New Location, Same Good Vibes

My crew & I 

Photo taken by a Desert Hearts attendee (name unknown)

Desert Hearts has brought the good vibes and groovy tunes to the one and only Downtown, Los Angeles! While some of us may have been wary about Desert Hearts being in the city, I have to say that my friends and I were blown away with the way it turned out.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into City Hearts was the amount of art there was. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Desert Hearts music festival before, so I haven’t had the opportunity to see the art from previous events, but I was lucky enough to experience the talented and intricate items this year! From the trendy, vintage jackets that Black Rainbow displayed to the unique creations from a variety of artists showcased through All The Thingzz, I now have my outfits picked out for my first Desert Hearts Festival.

Photo taken by Jessica Bernstein

One of my favorite things about City Hearts was the AMAZING Wine & Cheese Anniversary Soiree, which gave away some wine samples. One thing to note about this vendor is that, at festivals, they post their tent up in the middle of the dance floor and give out wine & CHEESE! Unfortunately, it was not allowed in Downtown, LA, but it definitely made me excited for a future festival that they attend (wine and cheese are two of my favorite things if you can’t tell).

~ Gouda Vibes ~ with my crew!
Photo taken by a representative of The Wine & Cheese Anniversary Soiree

The vendors were incredible and so were the performers! The music was nonstop and with the colors of the sunset and stage, it literally felt like we were dancing with the rainbow. Seeing the Desert Hearts crew up there, serenading the crowd and LOVING life, made me feel this incredible high and feel more happy than ever. The music, as well as the vibes of the crowd and performers (art and music), just put me on cloud 9.

City Hearts was just a taste of what a full Desert Hearts Festival would be like
& I cannot wait to finally attend.
Keep an eye out for 2018 tickets!

House, Techno, and Love… We Are All Desert Hearts! <3

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