Celebrate Falls Quarter Century Anniversary

Get your party hats on because Falls Festival will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. For a quarter of a century, the festival has been bringing tunes from around the globe to Australia’s best summer jubilee. To celebrate this milestone, they are hosting a massive lineup across four locations. They will have events in Lorne, Marion Bay, Byron Bay, and Fremantle.

25 Spectacular Years

As someone who also recently turned 25, I can appreciate the feelings this occasion brings. Emotions like excitement, reflection, and celebration all become bundled into one.  In 1993, the festival debuted with a simple lineup of just five acts: Cosmic Psychos, The Badloves, Nick Barker, The Reptiles, and The Sharp. It was a one-day event in Lorne that attracted 11,000 attendees. It was originally called “Rock Above The Falls.” In 1995 it was expanded to a two-day event and in 1996 it was renamed “The Falls Music & Arts Festival.” By the late nineties, the lineup exploded with four times the number of artists and featured musicians like Iggy Pop. The festival expanded to two sites in 2003 when the event was held simultaneously in Lorne and Marion Bay. Artists who played in Lorne on December 30th played in Marion Bay on the 31st and visa versa. They have since expanded to four sites.


Pack Your Dancing Shoes

Whether you are like me and traveling halfway across the world or simply taking a road trip with your friends, do not forget to pack your dancing shoes! The line-up presented for Byron Bay will keep you grooving straight into the new year. Australia’s very own, Harley Streten aka Flume, will be headlining event alongside North American acts like Fleet Foxes and Run the Jewels. With music acts such as bands like The Kooks and Foster the People, rappers like Vince Staples and DRAM, and electronic artists like Anna Lunoe, the lineup is stacked with a wide array of diverse and talented musicians.

Party Hard, Party Safe

Falls Festival does not have many rules but they do have a few that they take very seriously. They are mostly rules like no glass to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time. For those who drove to the festival, they even offer breathalizers so that attendees can test their levels to ensure they are safe to get behind the wheel. Each festival site will also be equipped with an outreach team and chill out zones. These teams are comprised of young volunteers who are creating a judgment-free zone where anyone can stop to take a break when they need to. The teams even have fun names like the “Save-A-Mate” group in Tassie or the “Red Frogs” in Byron Bay.

Ring in the New Year with your friends at Falls! Buy tickets here.

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