The Breakdown of Snowboming Canada: The Snow Bunnies’ Dream Festival

photo from Snowbombing Canada Facebook

If you’re a snow bunny, you know that there is nothing more satisfying than hitting fresh powder while carving to your favorite musical artist. You’ve got your headphones in, you’re riding with a friend or two, and you take the day to enjoy the outdoors. What if there were a festival that allowed you to board or ski and then enjoy your favorite musical artist…but live. Say hello to Snowbombing.

Snowbombing Canada is a four day North American festival unlike¬†any¬†other. Situated in the mountainous state of British Columbia, this festival prides itself on being purely for the outdoor adventure type. The best part is that it also caters to all types of music lovers. Earlier this week, Snowbombing dropped the biggest bomb in the festival game by announcing ODESZA and Cardi B as it’s main headliners. The best part about this festival is a combination of this killer lineup, and what it can offer its attendees.


Snowbombing Canada offers fives “headline venues” to get down with your bad self after a long day on the slopes. Two stages are outdoor and three are indoor (you’ll need to warm up afterall). The mountain venues, however, are exactly where you would think they would be… in the mountains. These four stages are all on your way up or on your way down a mountain. Can you say that about any other festival?


Is your bum feeling all those falls on day two? No problem. Snowbombing is set up so that if you need a break from the runs, you can participate in:

  • Alpine Yoga (Where else can you do yoga in the snow?)
  • Chairlift Speed dating (Yep, you read that correctly. Find the love of your life at a festival.. and on the slopes)
  • Slush Cup (Slip and slides don’t just need to be in hot weather, you know)
  • Snowlypics (Didn’t make the Olympic cut? Snowbombing gives you a second chance to earn what is rightfully yours… or you can just spectate)
  • Ride and Seek (All we know is that its a snowboard competition paired with a watersplash. Wim Hoff, anyone?)
  • Costumes (Get your freak on and have a dance off with Snowbombing’s most creative characters)
  • Ditch the board and skis and go on an adventure. You can ride around in a Cat Trax, explore the ski town by segway, or even ski bike.

Ready to ride? We are too. You can grab your complete packages for the slopes, the room and the music HERE for a minimum deposit of $150. Be sure to tell your friends, because you definitely don’t want to miss this one.





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