The Zen Master Awakens in Orlando

During my festival spree over the last year Zen Awakening is the first I would for sure repeat. Cool people, familiar faces, workshops, dope music across genres at a Florida festival, sign me up. Again! I was stoked to see artists on the lineup like: Ottill-eshaSpace KadetHappy CampersExit 9Higher Learning, and more. One of my favorite artists of Zen Awakening last year is returning as well. The multi-talented Andrea Brook will be back with her long-string harp design, aka Sonic Butterfly. If you’ve seen me festing this year, chances are you’ve seen my harp string halo I received last year at Zen after her yoga class. Yes she teaches yoga with her butterfly also; still to date one of my favorite yoga sessions.

Aside from the music, the artwork and workshops are great too. I hope to see the Heady.Made.Weird stage and it’s surroundings again. After glancing at the scheduled classes, many workshops are returning this year. You may even find teachers around the campgrounds to give you encouragement and advice in regards to their classes and expanding knowledge about what you will learn or have learned. Zen Awakening is a place to challenge your mental capacity and capabilities while connecting with like-minded people. Classes are all day so there is plenty of time to catch a session in between the music.

Zen Awakening is returning this November 17th, 18th, & 19th. Surprisingly it was a little chilly last year but I still prefer to camp. I think you always get the full experience by camping, especially with a festival like Zen Awakening. Tickets are still available and affordable. Look into volunteering if purchasing a ticket is not viable. Grab some friends and get some Zen!

See you in Orlando, Florida November 17th-19th. Get your tickets here!

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