What to Wear at Escape: Psycho Circus

Guest Written by Daniella Hughes

If you’re anything like me, you dress like Morticia Addams’ 99% of the time, except for Easter cuz you know: Jesus. So you’ve probably been planning your Halloween costume since November 1st. But if you don’t think Halloween should be a federal holiday, you’re probably visiting all the Halloween pop-ups searching for your costume with little to no luck. Don’t spend another minute rummaging through anymore blow-up dinosaurs or Donald Trump costumes (place those in the trash, please). Instead, check out our Escape: Psycho Circus inspired costumes that will fit not only the wow factor, but will also be practical for the D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C temperature drop Southern California will be experiencing: highs of 84° & lows of 54°- 52°.

Escape: Psycho Circus is Insomniac’s annual Southern California Halloween party. Now I say party because there’s a different type of crowd that attends Escape. Although the music and vibes are still there, some people are just looking for something to do on Halloween. I often hear that it’s people’s first rave but since it was a place where they realized they can forget about reality and be engulfed by the lights and sounds, they get hooked. You’ll see a lot of first-timers dressed up in costumes so to be outside of the typical Halloween box, keep scrolling for some unique ideas:

Intergalactic Loverz

For the outer space babez, Little Black Diamond Good Vibes Suspender Flares in Abduction with Oceanmoon Ambient Long Sleeve Hoodie paired with LBD Alien Pasties in Lime Green will bring out the universe within you. Looking for something more simple? Check out Club Exx Lime Forbidden Planet Long Sleeve Bodysuit. For the galactic daddies, pair Shop BGlittz Viridian Blue Shorts with Into the AM Framework Tee. Tie your hair in some space buns & get some face jewels to add that wow factor!

Stuck in the 90’s

If Clueless and Saved by the Bell spoke to you on a spiritual level, check out Oceanmoon As If Atomic Bodysuit or Dolls Kill Get a Clue Set paired with some white knee high socks for aesthetic & warmth. Don’t forget to accessorize with a cute mini backpack! Guys can pull a Zach Morris with Forever 21 Crystal Dye Denim Shirt paired with your fav 90’s style jeans.

Wicked in Nature

Is all black more your vibe? Embrace the goth that your mom tried to banish when you were a teenager. Be scarier than Scary Spice with Mi Gente Clothing Clubbad Crop Top, LBD’s Assassin Leggings in Black and Oceanmoon Cameron Velvet Wrap Top. ITAM Voodoo Kitty Tee with black joggers can turn your red heart emoji into a black heart emoji anyday. Add a skull face painting to tie it all together but remember to only paint half your face so security can still recognize you from your picture ID.

Acid, Baby

Let your mind run wild with the most unique trippy shit rave wear has to offer. Mi Gente Clothing La Tortura Bodysuit in Acid House, LDB Smiley Bodysuit or Twiggy Dress in Acid, ITAM Sativa Eye’s Tee, ITAM Trippy Shrooms Pullover, or Shop BGlittz Velvet Velour Acid Shorts all give you mind boggling vibes. Pair it with a Spirit Hood or fur jacket to bring those real shaggy vibes.

Holograph ‘till You Die

A rave classic that will never die. Holograph allows you to shine bright & reflective. Trust me when I say, this is a cult favorite LBD Garden Party Kimono in Synesthesia, LBD Karma Bralette in Technologik, Oceanmoon Cosmic Playsuit in Siren, Club Exx Mercury Rising Hooded Skater Dress, and ITAM I Used to Sleep Shorts. Don’t forget to pick up some Lunatics Glitter to have you shine as bright as a disco ball.

Join us October 27 & 28 at the NOS Center for dem spooky vibes! Single day & weekend passes for Escape are on sale now!


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