Sweet Dreams For BØRNS Fans

I definitely had sweet dreams last night thanks to having the new song, “Sweet Dreams” by none other than BØRNS on repeat.

On Wednesday, BØRNS shared the video for the “Faded Heart Sessions,” a spinoff of the heavenly “After Dark Sessions,” showing us, once again, just how incredible this voice is (and how interesting his dance moves are). Armen Ra, The Mariachi, Sveta, Ziggy, and of course the long haired boy himself all returned from “The Search for The Lost Sounds” to bring us this beautiful twist on an already beautiful song. Check out the “Faded Heart Sessions” below:

Shortly after posting this video, BØRNS wasn’t hesitant to announce another masterpiece coming our way. The new song, which was released on September 29th, has the very similar voice, but a very different sound. “Sweet Dreams,” is something I can only describe as (pardon my youth) Harry Styles meets BØRNS. We usually get a seductive voice with a very psychedelic pop sound from BØRNS. This time, it’s just seductive all over. When I first listened to “Sweet Dreams,” I immediately thought of something from Harry’s new album, but was quickly brought back to BØRNS world as soon as it hit the chorus. Take a listen for yourself:

Between the release of “Faded Heart,” just a little bit ago, and now “Sweet Dreams,” I am more excited than ever for this new album. Although an official announcement hasn’t been made on its release, it is said that we will be hearing plenty more from BØRNS sometime in January. Hopefully, bringing a whole tour with him as well. He is currently making a few stops around the world, but I’m bitter to say that none are anywhere near me. Maybe you’re a lucky one, check out when and where to catch BØRNS next here.

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