Everything You Need To Know About One Love Music & Art Festival

Southern California festies, rejoice!

As festival season draws to a close for some of us, One Love brings us a party that will help you go out with a bang! Not only does the lineup promise all of the delicious bassy, tech, and groovy house your heart could desire- the art installments, workshops, and food promise to complete the experience we are longing for.



Grateful Generation, LCL, and Abundance have co-created this eclectic masterpiece. The lineup boasts some true legends like Moby and Polish Ambassador who are reason enough to purchase the ticket. Kerli will also be gracing the stage at One Love, and I have been absolutely dying to see her angelic performance for years now. Also on the lineup that you need catch? DivaDanielle, dj, producer, and majestic leader of the Charlie the Unicorn art car. DivaDanielle’s career began in the LA underground scene and has led her to now commanding the stages of LIB and Coachella.


A three day transformational fest packing all of the goodness we love, but in a location that takes out all of the roadtrip planning for Southern California residents. And after a long festival season, we need that! Expect days filled with workshops, yoga, and dancing, and nights filled with beachside bonfires, art cars, and even more dancing.


One Love will be hosted at Lake Perris, CA. 60 miles south of Los Angeles, and only 20 miles away from me (one of the very few perks about living in the middle of the desert). The festival is situated right on the lake, so expect art boats, watersports, and sunbathing galore!


The festival will be here before you know it! Pack up your tent and get ready to venture out to Lake Perris from October 20th-22nd. Lucky for you, tickets are still available here.


Life gets tough, but we can always count on our festival families to center us and help us come up with solutions to better the world around us. One Love Festival is “about bringing everyone together from various circles and celebrating the richness and abundance we have in community when we embrace the value of our differences as gifts we have to offer each other”.

Tickets for One Love Festival are still available here!


  • James Nailor says:

    I have car camping pass , has water spout etc. I won’t be able to come until Saturday morning of course I expect that my spot would be reserved since I ordered when advance in the beginning . I just have a small Prius but I think the camping spots are pretty much all the same. Looking forward to all the excellent fun , haven’t been to a festival like this for quite a while. Coming from Long Beach, what’s the lineup for Friday that I will be missing ? James Nailor! Is there room to set up a tent next to my car also if I want to so far I think it’s just Two of us

  • James Nailor says:

    Just checking in. I’ll be coming on sat morning . What am I missing on Friday? Looking forward !

    • Stephanie Rosa says:

      Hi James, so sorry but we aren’t quite sure what the answers to your questions are. Please feel free to reach out to the festival directly and they’ll provide you with all the details. Thanks and have fun!

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