Escape: A Decadent Outlandish Residence for ALL Headliners

Guest Written by TIffany Moya

In preparation for this weekend’s wickedly supernatural festivities, I want to take a moment to appreciate the individuality of Insomniac’s Halloween themed festival: Escape Psycho Circus. The event is known for producing a spectacular showcase of freakish characters and multiple themed stages, which truly allows attendees to escape into an outlandish decadent dancing haven.

Psycho Circus incorporates one of the most fundamental concepts inspired by the Halloween holiday… that is the freedom to express yourself fearlessly. No judgment. No boundaries.

It’s a place of limitless possibilities to reinvent oneself, embrace an alter-ego, and reveal the inner most hidden pieces of yourself to the world.  While this may be true for any festival, Escape is especially open to wild costumes and personas curated by it’s festival attendees.

Really, our costumes this weekend are just an expression of our inner most ghastly, quirky, nerdy, silly, kinky selves come to surface. Psycho Circus is void of cages. It is a place where inhibitions and insecurities are freed, and weirdness is embraced. So indulge and let the freedom of your imagination run rampant. Get weird, be bold, have fun and embrace your individuality. Psycho Circus is our own personal asylum and we are part of the attraction: WE ARE THE HEADLINERS.


Its not too late! Grab your tickets HERE. 


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