Awaiting the Flavours of Wonderfruit

by Thanita and Kanin Phuvanatnaranubala

As December approaches, festival-goers across the globe are gearing up for a weekend of wild wanderings at Wonderfruit. This young and fiercely budding music and arts festival is not only crowned as Asia’s Burning Man, but it’s openness to a diverse range of music and people has turned it into the raddest and chillest zero-carbon party weekend (they donate to a biodiversity reserve to offset their carbon footprint).

Curious to know what this fruit has to offer? Here’s what you can expect this 14-17th December at the Fields of Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand.


The entire festival ground is one collaborative art piece – alongside seven spectacular stages, you can find awe-inspiring sculptures, innovative artworks and captivating performances in every corner.


Wonderfruit hosts a wide array of workshops and talks, day and night. You can get your hands creatively dirty by molding ceramics, work off your hangover with free running or Tai Chi, party to traditional Thai funk rock at the Molam Bus, up your knowledge game with talks about zero waste homes or cryptocurrency, or join any of the wellness workshops and cultural insights it has to offer.


Your taste buds are in for an explosive awakening by traditional and creative cuisines, both local and international. Food buffs cannot miss a seat at the Theatre of Feasts, where revered chefs work invent one-night-only set menus specially for the festival.


Artists from around the globe will be performing at Wonderfruit. Here are some of our favourites you won’t want to miss.


This electronica/Jazz fusion project is born out of Jojo Mayer’s mastermind, the legendary Swiss drummer who have shared stages with the greats like Nina Simone.

What to expect: Kickass drumming and incredible musicians live-jamming to all sorts of genres – from jazzy house to jungle dub, from funk rock to world rhythm.


The Texan psychedelia trio draws inspiration from 70s Persian rock, and 60s-70s funk from Monrakplengthai (Thai oldies) blog. We first fell in love with them on Bonobo’s Late Night Tales album.

What to expect: Smooth bassline with worldly psychedelic instrumentations, getting you to groove under the stars as the universe smiles upon you.

Roots Manuva

Often named the godfather of British hip-hop, this pioneer rapper/producer has collaborated with acts like Gorillaz and DJ Shadow. His first two albums became the ground that grew grime music.

What to expect:  Alternative hip-hop with plenty of bars and contagious energy, sprinkled with plenty of swagger to go with ‘some cheese on toast’.

Wild Beasts

This British band has been nominated for a Mercury-prize for their dreamy electro-pop and art rock sound. With the recent news of their break up, this might be your last chance to experience their unique blend of indie rock/synth-pop.

What to expect: Youthful tunes and fun times, with distorted yet seductive synth sounds and catchy lyrics.

Richie Hawtin

Praised as a hero by Skrillex and Deadmau5, this legendary DJ/producer has been the leader of minimal techno since the early 90’s and has collaborated in the experimental event ENTER at Ibiza.

What to expect: A full-blown rave experience, as the crowd throws shapes and lose their minds in the groovy bass line.

Gui Boratto

The Brazilian electronic producer is bringing hypnotic house with a dash of colourful Latin flavour. He has made 5 albums and countless of great remixes, namely of Massive Attack, Pet Shop Boys, Battles, and Moby.

What to expect: Hypnotic electronic rhythm that would put you in a trance, and makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to a funky spaceship.

Izzy Bizu

This young soul pop/R&B singer has been described as the “voice of sunshine.” She has performed at Glastonbury, won the 2016 BBC Music Introducing Award, and is out with her debut album, A Moment of Madness.

What to expect: Funk/jazz inspired soul and modern R&B, with influences from Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse and Sam Cooke that will leave you walking on sunshine.

Singto Numchok

Dubbed ‘Thailand’s Jack Johnson’, this local celebrity began his career as a guitarist for a veteran rock band, and has won several awards for his feel-good music.

What to expect: Laid back songs, with easy listening acoustic guitar (or ukulele). Expect to be surrounded by a swaying, singing Thai crowd, bringing the beach and its vibes to the fields.



Gapi and the Thai dub Mafia

Gapi is the grand master of Thailand’s reggae dub scene, and has fronted legendary bands such as T-Bone. He’s bringing his sound system crew Dub Mafia to turn up the crowd with some intense reggae.

What to expect: Full Sound System Reggae Dub mix with traditional Thai instruments, as the crowd lose themselves in this unique but seamless infusion.


This local up-and-coming folk/post rock band is fast becoming a favourite in the Thai indie scene, hitting the feels both musically and lyrically.

What to expect: Majestic build-ups by beautiful instruments – including a cello – will bring you up, layer by layer, to a musical high.


With just two months until the Fields blossoms to life, this year’s Wonderfruit is full of adventures waiting to happen. Come and experience all its unique flavours this 14-17th December, at Siam Country Club in Pattaya, Thailand. Get your tickets here.

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