Through Time And Space: ODESZA’s A Moment Apart Review [LISTEN HERE]

ODESZA. For fans both old and new, the name tugs on our heart chords like looking through photos of when you and your longtime lover first met. Since their 2012 release of Summers Gone, the Seattle-based duo has been on the rise, touring through a myriad of festivals and countries. It is no surprise that Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills have amassed a devoted fan-base that branches to millions of individuals. We have cherished the extraordinary songs from My Friends Never Die, In Return, and of course, the singles that have slowly been released from A Moment Apart to keep the fans at bay.

After nearly three years of waiting, the world has been blessed with the incredible sounds of the newest full length album, A Moment Apart. We have been listening to this album on repeat, and we can confidently say we are more than just satisfied with the newest ODESZA masterpiece.


Below is a breakdown of the 10 newest songs on the album that have just been released:

Intro: Just like the introduction of Summer’s Gone, ODESZA opens this album with an passionate monologue. Unlike the Intro to Summer’s Gone which fuses emotion and music, the A Moment Apart Intro track takes us through a short exploration of time, space, portals, the Earth… and love. In fact, ODESZA drew fans in with an Intro video just yesterday. Check it out below for extra feels on the first track to the album.

A Moment Apart: The second track on the album breathes the name of the album title, and introduces ODESZA’s blossoming sounds in a powerful way. Powerful vocal samples, tender piano, and eloquent harp sounds fill our ears with appreciation as promised in the introduction.

Boy: The album progresses out of the captivating vocals from “Higher Ground” and onto a highly anticipated release, Boy. The song is complete with a powerful drum line and a lively use of the name of the song. It will keep you rocking just as it has since their mini tour earlier this year.

Across The Room (feat. Leon Bridges): It is no surprise that ODESZA has merged with brilliant vocalists to create a soulful ambiance to their album. Leon Bridges’ track with our favorite duo is awakening in both the lyrics and the musical riff. Listen to this track on repeat for a feel-good mood.

Everything At Your Feet (feat. The Chamanas): ODESZA is not the same these days without horns. But what about Spanish? This track unites our favorite American musicians with the flair of our Southern neighbors. If a Spanish ODESZA weave sounds pleasant, this track is sure to be one of your new favorites.

Just A Memory (feat. Regina Spektor): The core of the album keeps you in orbit with dynamic vocals from a handful of artists, including those from Regina Spektor. Regina’s ballad is one for the struggling lover. If you’re coping with a recent breakup, this song may keep the tears rolling.

Divide (feat. Kelsey Bulkin): A sharp turn from the previous song, Kelsey Bulkin restores faith in ourselves by taking us through a drive through self-love and independence. The rhythm in the song flows with an energetic message. This is another anticipated song from the mini tour and is sure to be a fan favorite.

Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings: As we continue through space in A Moment Apart, we enter a new realm of spiritualism in the album. “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings” soothes the soul with tranquil notes and vibrations.

La Ciudad: If dancing is your thing, then this track is for you. This song is another one on our “anticipated list” ever since its early release at Red Rocks this past May. The intricate drum work and brisk yet playful synths will keep your head bobbing to this one. Check out the live version of this song below.

Falls (Feat. Sasha Sloane): With just three songs left on the album, its no surprise that “Falls” is an uplifting anthem on love. ODESZA takes a heavy pop approach to this song, appealing to the masses.

Show Me: This tune carries an 80’s feel to it in the beginning, and progresses to an indie electro feel.

Just as the Intro track hints, A Moment Apart is ODESZA’s album which takes us on a pilgrimage of time, space, and love. Each track is carefully crafted in such a way that by the end, you feel open-minded, appreciated, and changed for the better. After having listened to this album on repeat, this may be my new favorite masterpiece from our cherished boys, ODESZA.


Give the album a full listen below and tell us what you think!



  • Jessica Fuller says:

    Just listened all the way through for the first time!! Across the Room is probably my fave as of right now. The Portuguese is a fun addition to their new music as well!

    I live in Utah but went to see them start their tour at Bumpershoot in Seattle this past weekend and fell IN LOVE with the live version of Higher Ground and Accross the Room – seeing these vocalists preform with the dynamic duo was a dream come true and the most magical birthday gift imaginable.

    I’ve followed Odesza for years. They definitely have provided the theme music to my world and have helped me through some very tough times. I am so happy for the incredible new tunes and uplifting vibes, and am forever grateful for their healing impact and beautiful influence on my life and the music industry ❤️

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