Minnesota’s Takeover at Oregon Eclipse

Photos by Sage Thomas

Roughly a month ago, the festival of this generation occurred- Global Oregon Eclipse Gathering! Thousands of attendees gathered in rural Oregon for what was described as a once in a lifetime event: a massive celebration of the total solar eclipse that took place on Aug. 21 of this year.

Global Eclipse Gathering was held in the middle of August and was quite the spectacle. Over a dozen collaborators from across the globe took over Big Summit Praire for a week-long festival culminating in the total solar eclipse. The location was remote and scenic- a perfect place to showcase the awe-inducing art installations and musical ventures that had been planned for months and months prior. Festival collaborators from Mexico, UK, South Africa, Australia, and many more worked tirelessly to put together a festival that was truly once-in-a-lifetime, and it showed; radiating smiles and happiness were engulfing the venue all week long. The gathering was curated ever so perfectly so that we could dream about those magical moments for years to come. And no matter where one came from- whether it be Australia, the UK or even the other side of the US- the joy and excitement to experience such a feat were all in the same. (Full Global Eclipse Gathering experience HERE)

Oregon Eclipse Collaborators! from Symbiosis Gathering on Vimeo.

Out of the 100’s other performers, it is no surprise that Minnesota brought vigorous energy to the entirety of this set!  And the great news is that even if you weren’t at Minnesota’s set or let alone the festival– you can listen to the entire thing free on Soundcloud! Minnesota’s genre-blending, glitch-hop/dubstep style has electrified festival stages and dance floors alike for years now and we were given the live set from Oregon Eclipse to listen to whenever we want.

Minnesota incorporated 53 tracks into the set! In addition to playing his own music he weaved in songs by RL Grime’s “Stay For It,” Bassnectar’s intense take of Noisia’s “Get Deaded,” Ekali and Krane’s “Akira,” Noisia’s remix of What So Not’s experimental “Divide & Conquer” and much more appear throughout. Enjoy!


1. Eclipse Intro
2. Minnesota – HiLow
3. Truth – The Moon
4. Peekaboo – Revenge
5. Kai Wachi – Demons (Liquid Stranger Remix)
6. Liquid Stranger & Space Jesus – Space Boss
7. Minnesota – Bass Power (The Frim Remix)
8. Collie Buddz – Come Around (Minnesota Remix)
9. DMVU – Blubbles
10. Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
11. Pineapple (G Jones Remix)
12. Danny Brown – Break it
13. Graves & Tails – Vega
14. Flume – Say it (feat. Tove Lo) [Stwo Remix]
15. Tim Gunter – First Breath
16. Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Boombox Cartel Remix)
17. Minnesota & G Jones – Empire Master
18. Ekali & KRNE – Akira
20. SLUMBERJACK – Ra (Yvng Jalapeno Edit)
21. Minnesota – Thunderdome
22. Minnesota – Thunderdome (Buku remix)
23. Hydraulix – Headbang (original mix)
24. 5 & A Dime X PEEKABOO – Make ‘Em Bounce
25. Big Sean – Bounce Back
26. Minnesota – Purple Daze
27. Stylust Beats – A million bucks
28. JOKER – B.I.G
29. Minnesota – Yoga Pants
30. Pigeon Hole – 6AM
31. Khalid – Location (DJ Mustard Remix)
33. V.A Kozmo & Moniker – Untouchable
34. Signal – Indirect (Vorso Remix)
35. Minnesota – MEOW (Bassnectar Remake)
36. Noisia – Get Dreaded (Bassnectar Remix)
37. What So Not – Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)
38. DMVU – Lately I’ve been walk the way you do
39. Notorious BIG – Gimme the Loot (Minnesota Remix)
40. Minnesota – Ice Cream in its right place (Radiohead/dorrough Mash-up)
41. Minnesota – Stardust Redux
42. Minnesota – Subterranean
43. Flume – Smoke & Retribution feat. Vince Staples & Kucka (Ekali Remix)
44. Congratulations (Ramzoid Edit)
45. Anh & Mo Vibez – Spacin (feat. Anuka)
46. DIMEBAG & Pasdat – Ride Out
47. Psy Fi – As I go
48. Colors (IGLU remix)
49. Minnesota – Raw
50. RL Grime – Stay for it (TWERL x Oriental Cravings flip)
51. RL Grime – Stay for it (feat. Miguel)
52. Jakes & Joker – 3Klane
53. Borgore – Foes (16Bit Fuck hoes Remix)

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