Global Dance Festival: The Recap

Guest Written by Andrea Villarreal

Photos by Chase Pope

Walking into Global Dance Festival on September 23rd, I felt the vibes from the speakers just take over and give me goosebumps, DABIN was grooving with the crowd that was beginning to form at the rail. As more and more people were flowing in, you can see they couldn’t conceal their excitement much longer. People were already dancing through the lines and running through the entrance. As you got in the venue, they had a huge sign saying “GLOBAL”, that couples and squads are taking their photos at, each person helping the other execute their photos so that they can cherish for years to come.

As I walked through the festival, I saw different groups of people, from the couples to the individuals interacting- I realize that this festival isn’t just about the music. It’s about the friends you make while you’re there and the different people you meet and the memories you make. I enjoyed seeing people help each other with wardrobe malfunctions to giving someone some water or just checking up on another person even if they do not know them. The crowd was live and beats were insane as each artist came up and threw down their heart to have an amazing night with us here in Chandler, Arizona.

As each artist came up they had their own taste and flare which was amazing to have to dance and listen to all night. As we moved through different genres of EDM, I heard some amazing trance to house to heavy bass. The best thing about these nights is when the music is stopped and the crowd takes over, singing their hearts out and having a great time. One of my favorite parts of the night was when Slander threw down my two personal favorite songs, “Super Human” and “Love Again”. I caught myself getting lost in the lyrics with everyone else in the crowd and it was a beautiful bliss.

These artists live for their fans and the vibe that they can place into their music, passing it onto other people who can enjoy these moments. It’s almost a modern-day Woodstock, which is amazing because all that love and peace is starting to thrive. Through the next generation, more and more kids are starting to live in the moment and to build friendships outside of a computer screen. Even if it’s only for a little while, it’s a nice escape. I also enjoyed Yellow Claw’s message that they put out to the crowd to fuel the night with love, pure bliss, and happiness. They delivered an amazing set that even had a bit of an old school kick to it, and seeing Showtek live was like a dream come true. Their music has both grown and evolved over the years while staying true to their roots, which is amazing and you can’t but help give them mad respect.

Thanks for an unforgettable night, Global Dance AZ!

See you next year!

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