6 Tracks To Get You In The Mood for CRSSD 2017

The CRSSD Fall Festival lineup features both artists that can get the party bumpin’ and those that can get you in your feels. Whether you are looking for a festival to feel the funk or melt into a puddle- CRSSD has you covered.

For The Funky


Chromeo are the OG funk masters so it is no wonder they absolutely crushed their remix of Lorde’s “Green Light”.


This upbeat track perfectly meshes a bouncy rhythm with lyrics that appeal to the lover of bad decisions in us all.

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

Lovers’ Eyes is a weird, eclectic, tribal tune that makes you want to dance around in a field wearing nothing but body paint. Or is that just me?

For The Sensual


I was able to catch FKJ’s live set at Electric Forest and it was awe-inspiring. Canggu is a perfect example of how his music can set even the hardest of souls free.

Rufus Du Sol

My all time favorites, these guys have nailed the art of making music that forces you to reminisce or swoon (or both).


Lane 8

Lane 8’s Little Voices takes you on a sweet melodic journey that will leave you with a smile on your face and not a worry in the world.


Tickets for CRSSD Fall Festival Still Available Here.

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