10 things We Discovered About ODESZA From Their Reddit AMA

photo taken from ODESZA’s Facebook Page

To the fans who could not put their questions into 140 characters, ODESZA came back to do another AMA. However rather than twitter, they took to Reddit’s /r/electronicmusic to answer some questions.

Here are 10 things we learned from their time chatting with the fans!

1. We learned what the icosahedron means, how Harison worked on precussion for Simon (Bonobo), and how the make me feel better remix is actually an original track!

2. ODESZA may or may not drop a live album after the tour

3. They commented on their future creative directions, and also gave a bit of advice for starting out in production…

4. The evolving sound of ODESZA and the secret to their incredible vocal chops?

5. What that audio sample for A Moment Apart is all about…

6. How to make thick sounding string sounds?

7. Why ODESZA clicked and how Meridian was sampled by the original song that Swaziland sampled? Are you still following? And stuff about weed…

8.An in depth look at how the live performances are created…

9. ODESZA scoring a sci-fi movie? Sign me up!

10. Foriegn Family is set to have more releases!


Comment below and let us know what you thought of the AMA! And be sure to enter to win tickets to see ODESZA live in Santa Barbara HERE!

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