Slushii Drops Second Album ‘Out of Light’

Julian Scanlan also known as Slushii debuted his second album today. Who knows when he has time to make it while he has been touring like crazy. Fresh out of the hospital in Paris after receiving surgery to remove his appendix, nothing is slowing him down.

Just two years ago he was working at Best Buy. He was selling electronics during the day and making heavy dubstep remixes under the name DJ Swoon at night. Then tragedy struck when SoundCloud deleted his account for an authorized remix. Losing his 8,000 followers at first seemed to be a tragic end to his budding career. Now, it may be the best thing that could have happened to him.

At almost double the songs of his first album, “Out of Light” focuses on more of the artists emotional side. Growing up with Asperger’s Syndrome, he often felt detached from the world. That all changed when he heard his first Skrillex song. He found that through music he could¬†communicate his emotions and connect more with others. While his first album was more focused on a heavier sound, this new album focuses more on emotions. The compilation of uplifting songs provides just the right amount of positive encouragement the world needs right now.¬†“Into The Light” is the first song on the album. It starts with a inspirational voiceover discussing that everyone possess the “sacred light within, the light that the remains a beacon of hope for generations to come.” The future bass track starts the album on an uplifting note.

“Forever” in the middle of the album and one of the most diverse. It’s smooth base makes it the type of song you want to play when making dinner for someone you care about.

The last song on the album is its namesake, “Out of Light”. The album ends on the same positive note found throughout but with a completely different sound. Throughout the entire 13 tracks Slushii demonstrates his range of sounds while maintaining the same messaging.

The whole album can be listened to here!

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