Pretty Lights Episodic Weekend in Chicago

Photos By Don Idio

Written By Mary Morrison 

Over the weekend the city of Chicago was graced with an impressive, momentous experience. Overheard within the sea of fans were statements like “This is the only place I ever want to be!”, “My body is grounded but my mind has lifted!”, and general spouts of excitement such as “This is the best Pretty Lights show I’ve ever attended!”  Pretty Lights alongside of his live band and a killer under card took the stage at Northerly Island overlooking one of the best panoramic views of the City of Chicago.

The inaugural day of the Episodic Festival #8 in Chicago included performances from Maddy O’Neal, The Soul Rebels, Big Wild, and Pretty Lights. Though faced with an early set time, Maddy O’Neal brought the beats down with her signature sound, bringing the majority of the crowd to their feet. The Soul Rebels and Big Wild showed no hesitation in giving the crowd their all. Both drew the crowds to the pit for some smooth, groovy tunes in preparation for the man of the night. Pretty Lights took the stage close to 9 p.m. opening slow and steady, leading further into the realm of his vast musical abilities.

Night two included Clozee, Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts, The Floozies, and Pretty Lights with another headlining set. Chali 2na spit some bars that had the crowd in awe, with the musical likings of Krafty Kuts backing him. As expected, The Floozies brought the funk and fun to the island with their iconic, upbeat sound. Pretty Lights began near 9 p.m. again on night two, though channeling a different aurora this round. A smoother vibe hit the early part of the set accompanied by a mammoth light show.  Midway through Pretty Light’s set, Chali & Krafty Kuts made an encore appearance,  showcasing their freestyles alongside Derrick who even dropped some bars himself.  Finally what better way to please the Chicago crowd is by having one of the closing songs be the good old Pretty Light’s remix of Chicago Bulls theme song.

The second year of Pretty Light’s return was something special. All we can look forward to, and hope for, is yet another return of the stellar Episodic Festival next year.

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