The Return of BØRNS With A “Faded Heart”

photos from The Official BØRNS Facebook Page

November of 2014 was a shining moment in my personal music discoveries. Garrett Borns, A.K.A. BØRNS, is the best little treasure I have ever come across. When I heard this incredible voice (of which, admittedly, I thought was a female at first) in this little coffee shop in my hometown, I HAD to know who it was. I refused to leave until my quest to unmask this artist was complete. The only downside to discovering BØRNS that day – he had only one official EP out (Candy) with four songs. For about a year, I practically thrived off of those four songs: “10,000 Emerald Pools,” my personal favorite “Past Lives,” “Seeing Stars,” and the now-quite familiar tune “Electric Love.”

Fast forward to October of 2015, and the world of music was blessed with Dopamine, his full debut studio album. December 2015 was my first time ever seeing the beautiful man (who can rock a crop top better than anyone else on the planet) with the hair and the voice in person, and I’ve been flourishing on that ever since…. UNTIL APPROXIMATELY 10:00PM THURSDAY NIGHT WHEN WE FIRST HAD A CHANCE TO HEAR THE NEW SINGLE, “Faded Heart.”

Last Monday, fans were teased with a little clip on Instagram captioned “VID 1 of 7 #TheSearchForTheLostSounds #FadedHeart 7/28.” The first video contains part of a song we can only hope will be on the new album (which is rumored to be out in January). The remaining six clips, which were given one day at a time, contain, well, just some weird shit, but I expect nothing less from BØRNS.

Check out the full video:

Although the video may have left some confused, all we knew was that we were getting something on 7/28. Well, Merry Christmas guys. With the usual indie, glitzy, retro, pop-y, psychedelic, and just downright sensual sound we usually get from BØRNS (think the type of music you hear when you walk into Free People, Anthropologie, or Urban Outfitters), “Faded Heart,” seems to fit right in. Hear it for yourself here:

If a new single isn’t enough for you, I’ll leave you with two of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard:

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