Dance Your Worries Away in Style at Global Dance AZ

Written by Andrea Villarreal

I have been counting down the months, days, and minutes ’till Global Dance Festival returns to  Arizona and seeing that it’s less than two months away has got me feeling some type of way. My first experience at Global began at 7:00 am on Festival day, just a little less than a year ago. I struggled to sleep just thinking about what I was going to wear, the people I was going to see, and the artists that were going to spill their music into my soul for that night. Needless to say, it was even more amazing than I could ever expect. Now, if you are a regular festival goer than you know of the headache that comes with trying to find something that is comfortable, cute, and definitely durable. I’ve come to realize that here in Arizona, light and carefree outfits are the best way to look cute as well as beat the heat.

Tips to Party in Style and Comfort

  • Crop tops are the ideal way to be cool, but sometimes finding a bra that will stay in place is a bit of struggle. I suggest wearing crop tops that you are able to pull tight or that come with a built bra or padding.
  • As for bottoms, you can never ever go wrong with high waist shorts or leggings. They keep in place all night long and come in a vast variety of fabric, colors, and design.
  • A few of my favorite places to get rave wear are IHeartRaves and Sea Dragon Studios,  as they offer both full outfits that are themed or independent pieces to build your own.

Now, if you’re not feeling the little top and bottom outfit- NO WORRIES! You can totally grab some accessories to dazzle up any everyday outfit. One of my personal favorite outfits is just a plain tank top with a vest or hoodie along with some leggings or shorts. Next, you just give it the ol’ razzle dazzle with pins, a fanny pack, goggles, and a choker or two! Really, one of the best things about Global Dance Fest is that you can wear a variety of different styles- from western to mermaids,  to fairies and natural beauties, or even just sparkled up headbanger. The vibe that you walk into is nothing but accepting and positive no matter what.

For the last few years, Rawhide Event Center has been a great venue for Global with plenty of space between each stage as well as a variety of things to look at aside from the music. You have the chance to get great photos of you and your stylin’ friends to remember the night with. This year’s line up is already looking great with amazing artists like Showtek, Flosstradamus, and Slander– you will definitely get your EDM fix over a wide range of subgenres! I look forward to checking out of reality for the night to head bang at the rail center stage, or even shuffle away my worries in the back!

Be sure to mark the date, September 23rd, and get your tickets HERE.

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