A Conversation with Digital Ethos

Interviewed by Daniella Hughs

Digital Ethos, aka Charlie Quigley, is kicking off festival season in California at The Untz Festival. His musical legacy is described as “[someone who] brings together like-minded souls that connect on a level that goes far deeper than the mind can understand.” Here we chat with him about touring, live shows, and what he has planned for the rest of 2017.

Festival Squad: Thanks for connecting with Festival Squad. We’re so excited to catch your first California show at The Untz Festival. What are you most excited about?

Digital Ethos: I was definitely most excited about getting to perform a main stage festival set alongside this powerhouse of a line-up.  This was also my first time in California so I wanted to make sure I left a good impression out here.

FS: Back in November, you used CDJs live for the first time at Adventures Through The Multiverse, how was that experience?

DE: This was a goal I was continuing to set for myself but kept pushing off.  I was WAY too comfortable on my previous equipment and didn’t push myself enough to finally learn CDJs.  When my computer went to sh*t, I was basically forced to learn new equipment before that Multiverse show.  The whole experience was pretty intense actually…  Super energetic environment with close to 500 people.  I honestly think this helped.  It’s always a smoother set with a hype crowd.

FS: You just wrapped up a spring tour and hit places such as Pittsburgh, Portland, and Atlantic City. Where was your favorite place to play and which crowd vibed the most?

DE: Favorite city was definitely Portland…  Orlando though, was rowdy.  Getting to support iLL Gates and LUZCID on a bill was definitely bound to be a crazy night.

FS: We have noticed that you’ve been getting support from Rezz, LUZCID, and Ives. What’s something you’ve learned from having your music shared by others?

DE: Support, in general, is just an all around awesome feeling.  Neil (LUZCID) was the first significant person to reach out and support the project, which was badass being a big fan of his work.  Ives was the first person I ever collabed with, and Rezz has been killing it all over the place. All of these interactions have lead to friendships that I am thankful for.

FS: You’ve been playing alongside Liquid Stranger, Woolymammoth, and Ganja White Night among others. Who’s been the most interesting person to spend time with and can you share any tour secrets with us?

DE:  I think iLL Gates takes the cake for most interesting.  We had dinner before our show together in Orlando and I remember a team of about 4 people tending to the questions he had about their Bourbon’s.  As far as tour stuff, no secrets here!  Will definitely be doing a fall tour.  Going to make sure I do as much as possible to hit these new markets that people have been asking for.

FS: Who should we be listening to?

DE: Been really into Chee lately.  Definitely all over everyone’s radar.  

FS: Besides a tour, new music, and shows all across the country, do you have anything else in the works for 2017?

DE: Cool merch things will be done this summer, along with a bunch of new music that I have been sitting on for months.  Really going to focus on developing my songs into more finished projects.  The only way I feel improvement is by pushing the boundaries and finding new ways and new ideas to make things sound sick.  Really stoked to be a part of this community and excited for the rest of 2017.

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