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Photo by Jessica Lehrman

Okay, we need to address the obvious- Chicago’s been in the news a lot over the last few weeks and it hasn’t been for good reasons.  I could take the time to list all the reasons, but some of the ‘lowlights’ are- National Guards possibly being deployed, Laquan McDonald police shooting trial, Chicago Public schools failing, and more.

So, what does this have to do with Music Festivals? Pitchfork Music Festival has announced a campaign Beats > Bullets.  Pitchfork partners are cognizant of Chicago’s violence and are actively trying to make a change.  This campaign hopes to educate its festival-goers on how to participate in making a change for the better.

“For the last 12 years, all of us at The Pitchfork Music Festival has been honored to contribute to the cultural life of Chicago, one of the greatest cities in the world. We take seriously our commitment to this community—not just for three days every July, but all through the year. And like all Chicagoans, we’re deeply troubled by our city’s tragic gun violence. This year, we’re proud to partner with Everytown for Gun Safety and Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK) on an initiative that will make a difference.

Everytown is the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country, fighting for public safety measures that help to save lives while respecting the Second Amendment. MASK is a community group that works block by block in city neighborhoods. This summer we hope to energize our community and create an enduring platform that will spotlight individuals and organizations working to reduce gun violence, amplify their voices, and empower our fans to join their ranks.”

Pitchfork is not alone in their goals to educate and inform their festival goers.  In the spirit of unity and community, Pitchfork has been joined by other major Chicago festivals such as North Coast Music Festival, Spring Awakening, Mamby on the Beach, Riot Fest, Ruido Fest, West Fest, Food Truck Social, Wicker Park Fest, Chill fest, and many more.

#WearOrange Social Media Campaign

Orange is the color hunters wear to protect themselves in the woods.  A grassroots organization in Chicago has picked this color to help bring awareness to the ever present issue of gun violence in the city.  The partners at Pitchfork Music Festival will Wear Orange to help bring awareness and will invite fans and artists playing the Festival to do the same.

If you are interested in more information and how to take action, please click here.

All in all, Pitchfork is a progressive festival that pushes the limits in all aspects.  The musical line-up ranges from fringe up-and-coming artists to musical heavyweights like LCD Soundsystem. But besides the music, Pitchfork is socially and culturally aware of their responsibility given the platform they have.  This is why I’m so proud to be a Chicagoan and write this piece on Beats > Bullets. Go to the festival for the music, but leave the festival feeling inspired to participate.

(Photos from Pitchfork Media Team)

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