Do you know when your next election is?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone. While 60% of eligible Americans turned out to vote in the Presidential election last year, including about half of Americans age 18 to 29, turnout in all other elections is far lower.

Photo from: Huffington Post

Barely 1 out of 5 Americans vote in municipal or local elections. For Americans under age 29, turnout for local elections is estimated at five percent or less.  That’s why the non-partisan organization HeadCount and the Boulder, CO-based oat bar brand BOBO’s will be at the 27th Annual High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA (June 29-July 2), helping Millennial voters learn when the next election will be in their hometowns.

HeadCount has registered thousands of voters at High Sierra over the last decade.  This year, HeadCount will not only register new voters but also invite attendees to sign up for TurboVote local election alerts. TurboVote, which serves all 50 states, sends a text message and email alerting voters about upcoming elections.


High Sierra attendees will also be invited to participate in a massive photo campaign where both fans and performing artists take photos holding a special High Sierra #VoteLocal sign and share it on social media.  Anyone who takes a photo holding the #VoteLocal sign will receive a free oat bar from BOBO’s, a brand known for their healthy and locally-sourced ingredients.

“Local elections are starting to get more attention than ever, but if they don’t happen in November most people don’t know when they are,” said HeadCount’s Executive Director Andy Bernstein. “By offering convenient text alerts, some fun photos, and handing out free BOBO’s bars, we’re literally making it a treat to be a local voter.”

“BOBO’s is incredibly excited to partner with such a great organization in HeadCount at the High Sierra Music Festival to drive conversation and engagement in local elections, “said Beryl Stafford, Founder and President of BOBO’s.

High Sierra Music Festival, located in Quincy, CA, is on the forefront of providing its attendees with the best possible musical experience while also giving people the opportunity to become better local citizens.  Now is the time for CHANGE!  Be pro-active and learn about your local government- whether it’s in your free time or between your favorite Jam Band sets– Education is Key.

Be sure to grab tickets to High Sierra Music Festival HERE.

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