TBT: Things Overheard at LiB

Photos by Sage Thomas

Festivals have this tendency to bring out the weird, funny, and just straight up outrageous parts of our personalities. Whether it’s the love in the air or the relaxation and bliss of it all to blame, what we know for sure is that you are bound to have more than a few “tears of joy” moments throughout the long weekend. As Lightning in a Bottle begins to transition into preparation for the next entrancing chapter of the event, we wanted to shed light on just a few of the most playful and tear jerking conversations we had heard throughout the weekend. From the Thunder Stage to the Woogie, attendees definitely brought out their best and funkiest selves out to play for the weekend.

A throwback to a few of our most memorable moments from this past Memorial Day Weekend:

“Pose for me, baby”

“Glitter is the herpes of our generation”

“Can I squirt on you?”

“That alien over there gave me some DNA upgrades last night”

“Which toe is YOUR favorite?”

“This is the only upper you’ll need this weekend”

“Don’t you love my big shiny ball? I have two more back at camp”

“The fountain of youth, BABYYY”

“♪ I got my drank in my cup ♪ “

“You guys ready for Lightning in a Butthole?”


“Less clothes make me more more aerodynamic”

“I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me”


“Who wants the rest of this curry?! We only took one bite, I swear”

“Organic CRUUHZZ Juice and water-meh-lawn”

“Hooked up with my professor and then his wife walked in. Next year, we all went to burning man together”

Lib 2017 was full of endless laughter and wonder, and we can’t wait to see what the Do Lab creates for next year. Keep your eyes wide and your ears peeled, who knows what you may come across.


Check out the rest of our LiB album HERE. What were some of the silliest things you heard throughout the weekend?

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