SOFI TUKKER: Dreams Turned to Reality, Touring with ODESZA, and New Hairstyles

photos from the official SOFI TUKKER Facebook page.

What happens when you accidentally run into your music-soul mate at a Brown University art show? You get SOFI TUKKER. This NYC-based musical duo have hit millions and millions of streams on Spotify, as well as a spot on an Apple Watch commercial with their track, “Drinkee” (Update: I just now heard their song, “Awoo,” in an Old Navy commercial). With their amazingly unique sound and Portuguese vocals, these two are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The beautiful (and very tall) humans that are Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern sat down with me this past weekend at Firefly Music Festival just moments before their set on The Porch Stage!

Tucker: I like your rectangle (tattoo on my thumb).

Festival Squad: *laughs* Hey thanks! And thank you guys so much for taking time to talk with me! How is your Firefly weekend going?

Tucker: Great!

Sophie: Yeah, it’s been really fun!

FS: Is there anybody you guy are excited to see?

Tucker: We came, really, to see our friend Maggie Rogers play yesterday. Which was exciting! We kept missing her at all of the different places we would be at, so we came specifically to see that. I really wanna see Franz Ferdinand. Should be fun. And rave with Benny Benassi!

Sophie: Yeah.

FS: Can you kinda walk me through what life was like as you guys were just getting started compared to life today.

Tucker: It wasn’t that long ago, but a lot has happened though.

Sophie: Gosh that’s such a big question.

Tucker: Life is different from when it started because it’s less of a dream and more of like an “Oh, I believe we can actually do this.” And that’s exciting.

Sophie: We’re constantly traveling now, learning how to write music on the road versus in the studio or in New York.

Tucker: Made tons of friends along the way who have enhanced our lives in awesome ways. Creative, crazy people. We have more freedom now to, I feel like, be nutty and myself and crazier. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is, and I love it.

FS: That’s awesome. So the news is out that you guys are going on tour with ODESZA this fall.

Tucker: Yeahhh

FS: How did that opportunity come about and how do you guys feel about that?

Sophie: I’m not exactly sure how it came about, but we’re really excited that it is. *laughs*

Tucker: Yeah we were siked. We just heard about it and we were like “yeaaaahhhh.” We’ve never met them. We like just talked to them on Twitter today. We were like “Yoo we’re siked!” and they were like “Yeah!” I think it’s going to be so much fun.

FS: That’s crazy, I’m so excited for you guys. Are there any shows you guys are looking forward to performing in particular?

Tucker: All of them!

Sophie: Oh yeah.

Tucker: Staples Center is going to be that “What the fuck” moment, probably.

Sophie: Yeah, Barclays Center too. They’re just huge places. I mean I’m just so excited to learn how to play in that context.

Tucker: Yeah, definitely a new step in venues that we’ve never seen before. It’s gonna be cool.

FS: You guys are about to perform here shortly. How excited are you to be playing Firefly?

Sophie: Very. We play in like two hours, right?

T: Less! I’m siked. We haven’t played a show in a couple of weeks, which we never do. We usually just are always on tour. We’re just so ready to play a fucking show.

FS: Alright, lastly, can you give us a little hint on what we can expect to see and hear from you guys in the near future?

Tucker: A lot of music.

Sophie: Yeah! So much music. We just finished a lot of new songs, so we will be sharing those.

Tucker: Some videos, some music, some photos, *laughs* all the (ch)things.

Sophie: Some new hairstyles from Tucker.



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